Techniques and Tips to Become a Successful Dropshipper in 2022

Raena Mazahernasab
Written by Raena Mazahernasab
Posted on March 15, 2022

Do you want to be a successful dropshipper and make your brand?

Do you want to be a successful dropshipper and make your brand?

Are you ready to compete with others and beat your strong competitors?!

Thatโ€™s great! Read more and more about different strategies and learn new methods of marketing. But that is not all that you need to be a successful dropshipper. For being a good dropshipper, you need to have certain features that make you a good fit for this business. This blog introduces the characteristics of a good dropshipper that allows you to decide whether dropshipping matches your personality type.

How to Start Dropshipping for Free

What does a dropshipper do?

At the first stage, letโ€™s find out what a dropshipper is in charge of. A dropshipper has nothing to do with manufacturing the products, packing, and delivering them; however, they are in charge of something as important as manufacturing the marketing of the product! The dropshipperโ€™s responsibility is to introduce their brand and make people know about the products. Also, they are in contact with customers, meaning that getting orders and customer support are what a dropshipper deals with.

Not only does a dropshipper get to be in contact with customers, but also they should constantly be in touch with the suppliers. Once they get an order from a buyer, they should immediately order the same product from the supplier and keep in touch with the customer until they receive their order.

Now that you know what a dropshipper does and who they are in contact with, itโ€™s time to know about the features that help them become a successful dropshipper.

What are the needed characteristics of an ideal dropshipper?

Every dropshipper should have special skills to represent their business and sell the products. There are, however, some characteristics that it pays off to have to become a successful dropshipper. These needed characteristics are listed below.

Care about your customers

Donโ€™t forget that as a dropshipper, you have the role of a middleman between suppliers and customers. Itโ€™s essential to stay in touch with suppliers and check them often. But it is also crucial to interact even more with your customers. You should be able to:

  • Answer their questions patiently
  • Follow up with them
  • Offer them help with using the products
  • Inform them of the new features

Be creative

Keep in mind that there are many people around the world running their dropshipping business, so as a dropshipper, you have to overtake many competitors. There are also some dropshipping websites such as Selldone, Amazon, Shopify, or Oberlo that are globally recognized and have gained the trust of people worldwide asking how to compete with them? Be creative! Present something different and practical for your customers.

Offering exceptional services can draw attention to you. But gaining peopleโ€™s trust and convincing them to buy your products requires other features for your business.

Let it go sometimes!

As someone who has just started a dropshipping business, you have multiple things to handle simultaneously. If you are too worried about the details and spend an unreasonable amount of time thinking about some minor parts, youโ€™re going to stay behind.

If you have no money in your pocket, you can still start your dropshipping business. Yes! Thatโ€™s true! We have shown you how to do that in this blog; however, you still need to learn how to save time and prioritize your tasks, meaning that you should let the unimportant details go.

For example, donโ€™t be obsessed with the design of your online store at the beginning. Focus on marketing and selling the products instead.

Be patient and persistent

When starting your dropshipping journey, make sure your patience and persistence are the first items you pack! Remember that you will not profit in the first couple of months. It may also take a considerable amount of time to have the desired income. That is why it pays off to be patient in dropshipping.

Dealing with unhappy and angry customers might take all your energy for the first time. Arguing with uncommitted suppliers can be much of a problem too. Therefore, you need to be persistent and just focus on your goal.

Stay current

Keep up with the market and update yourself regarding your customersโ€™ needs and tastes. That is what your competitors always do to win the competition. Then donโ€™t even hesitate to present new features and products.

Best and Worst Dropshipping Products

Donโ€™t even think of dropshipping If you have these characteristics!

Now you are aware of the needed characteristics and features of a dropshipper to have a prospering dropshipping business. Yet, you should know about some special characteristics that can make you fail in dropshipping. Generally, if you:

  • Canโ€™t interact, or at least not interested in communicating with people
  • Have no vision in your business
  • Are impatient
  • Get frustrated easily
  • Canโ€™t do multitasking

You might probably want to think about other jobs. Still, you can work on all of these characteristics, start your dropshipping business, and succeed!

Who is the most successful dropshipper? [Real Examples]

You are already familiar with the most successful and famous dropshipping companies around the world. These companies have hundreds of staff working for them. But letโ€™s get you acquainted with the people who started dropshipping independently. Based on the information on Shopify and Oberlo, we have listed the name of those who have already successful dropshipping businesses and earn thousands of dollars per month.

Andreas and Alexander

They started their dropshipping business to sell pet products. Despite all the challenges and failures that they faced on the way, they could make it to 10 million dollars a year from 500.000 dollars per month.

Harry Coleman

Before dropshipping, Harry Coleman imported products from the US. Then he sold them to people in the UK on his eBay account. With all the challenges, frustrations, and difficulties he went through, now heโ€™s ended up running three dropshipping businesses on Shopify. His revenue was reported to be 5 million dollars in 2018.

Alex Philip

Probably the youngest dropshipper who started selling products on Amazon at 11! Now heโ€™s 15, has his own dropshipping business, and makes 2 million dollars a year.

Pierre Emmanuel

The first couple of years of dropshipping for Pierre wasn't very successful; however, after a long time of trying and researching, he can now make 1.6 million a year.

Irwin Dominguez

He was experienced in the field of marketing. That is why he could easily start dropshipping business and make 10.000 dollars a day. His revenue is estimated yearly at 1 million dollars.

Alex Ikonn and Mimi

Their business, Luxy Hair, has done well in social media and attracted many views and traffic on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. With this large audience, they have grown their dropshipping business and earned millions of dollars each year.

Mike and Yuliya Pavlou

Email marketing has been the method that Mike and Yuliya took advantage of for their dropshipping business. Now they are millionaire dropshippers, applying practical methods for retaining the customers.

Adam Greenspan

Wallplate Warehouse, Adamโ€™s dropshipping business, is a 16-year-old business that went from 102.000 dollars per month to millions of dollars per year. He could even compete with big companies in the same area, such as Amazon and Home Depot.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dropshipping

In this blog, we have discussed the characteristics of an ideal dropshipper. Keep in mind that if you donโ€™t have these characteristics and still pursue to start your dropshipping business, thereโ€™s nothing to stop you! You can work on your skills and personality and become a successful dropshipper.

However, youโ€™re going to have many challenges and difficulties, just like every successful dropshipper did. So what is better than a companion who can help you out with the challenges you face during the path? You can count on Selldone! Because you wonโ€™t need to be worried about your website or online store. Selldone builds a website for your business and sets up an online shop for your products. You will also enjoy having your store set up on an application. And guess what? All these services are free! 

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What is reverse dropshipping?

Most of the dropshippers buy products from countries, like China, that export goods to other countries. Some dropshippers do it in a reversed model, meaning that they buy products from other countries like the USA and sell them in China. That is what we call reverse dropshipping.

How can I know if a dropshipping product is good?

There are certain necessary features for dropshipping products. The most important ones are: Trendy and in demand, Small and lightweight, Profitable

Can I be ever successful at dropshipping?

Why not?! Compared to retailing and other businesses, dropshipping has lower risks. With good strategies and marketing, you can be among those who make thousands of dollars per month!

How do I find my niche for dropshipping?

Just explore and research! Look for the list of the best and trendy products on google, know your audience and understand their needs, measure the competition for your niche and determine how much youโ€™ll profit or lose money in a year.

Raena Mazahernasab
Written by Raena Mazahernasab
Published at: February 03, 2022 March 15, 2022

More insight about Techniques and Tips to Become a Successful Dropshipper in 2022

More insight about Techniques and Tips to Become a Successful Dropshipper in 2022