Marketing & Campaign Management Tools

Promote your products, business and brand

Create campaigns that wow your audience, promote your brand, and make your business sparkle. Use Selldone business operating system to turn your audience into loyal customers.

Marketing & Campaign Management Tools

Drive campaigns from one hub.
Tools every marketer needs.

Implement a dynamic marketing strategy by focusing on organic traffic, SEO, Instagram, or Google ads to drive targeted traffic.

Drive campaigns from one hub.<br><span style="font-weight: normal;">Tools every marketer needs.</span><br>

Create different links for different channels.

You can mix & match free and paid channels all in one place to make the best decision, optimize the budget and maximize sales.

Create different links for different channels.<br>

Fully support standard UTMs tags to working with other external analytics services.

#1 Built-in script-free analytics platform.

Without an understanding of the e-commerce marketing landscape and customers behavior, youโ€™re at a severe disadvantage.

#1 Built-in script-free analytics platform.<br>

Set goals, delegate content, channels, and optimization to AI.
๐ŸŽ‰ Go public soon, it's amazing.

Providing the targeted-audience content, choosing the best channels, optimizing your costs, and maximizing conversion rates based on your defined goals will be done by a hybrid platform of humans and AI.

Set goals, delegate content, channels, and optimization to AI.<br><span style="font-weight: normal;"><small>๐ŸŽ‰ Go public soon, it's amazing. </small></span><br>

Need more?
Add Google tag manager.

Add any external analytics and marketing services without editing code by GTM. Google Tag Manager delivers simple, reliable, easily integrated script management solutions.

Need more?<br>Add Google tag manager.<br>

No-code email marketing tools.

Email marketing helps you stay connected with your audience, promote your brand and increase sales. Design an email and create a targeted-audience list are two important part of running a success email marketing campaign.

No-code email marketing tools.<br>

Run a successful email marketing campaign in fully visual canvas without even a single line of code.

Convert your audience to partners by affiliate marketing platform.

Tools to manage, track, analyze and optimize affiliate programs in real-time.

Convert your audience to partners by affiliate marketing platform.<br>

Know your audience better by adaptive customers funnel.

Create a customer's demographic and sales funnel to design the journey potential customers go through on the way to purchase.

Know your audience better by adaptive customers funnel.<br>

Design a journey for your audience.

Selldone help you test different hypotheses for your audience without hassles, and eventually create the best user experience for them.


Inform about your campaign.


Create eye-catching notifications.


Encourage users to buy by incentives.

Optimize your pages.

Design a splendor landing page with maximized click call to action is a journey. Make it better day-to-day.

Explore report generator



Humanize and personalize.

Focus on your audience and create a human oriented brand, if you sell things to people! Selldone makes it easier by smart and dynamic content generator tools in your pages.

Explore page editor

Marketing APIs.

Marketing supports API, Niomatic automation visual programming, and apps.

Marketing APIs.<br>

Make sure you have control over your business.

Generate leads, monitor your online store traffic, optimize conversion rates, and build brand awareness

UTM Parameter Support
Selldone supports all UTM parameters. These tags contain utm_source, utm_campaign, utm_content, utm_term.Adding the UTM query to your URL doesn't impact the actual page. You can very well delete the UTM code from the URL, or change them without changing the destination page. The code pursuit one purpose; to help Selldone or other analytics tools like Google Analytics, track the source of your visitor. By these tags, we can calculate the impact of your campaigns. Selldone URL builder gives you a quick way to create UTM codes. To use it, enter/select the campaign source and medium; the rest of the parameters are optional.

You can use so many types of marketing and advertising tools and services. In digital marketing, there are online and offline campaigns, and attempting to track the performance and rates of these marketing types for your company is extremely difficult, especially for offline mediums. One excellent way to track your results is to use UTM codes; This enables Selldone to tell you where users came from as well as what campaign led them to you. Put this track-able URL in offline sources and mediums will give you the ability to track how a newspaper ads, TV ads, radio ads, or other offline channels is working without having to create landing pages for each campaign.

Banner & eye-catchers
In the Selldone campaign management dashboard, you can design an eCommerce banner, put that up on the store page and boost your sales instantly.

Campaign auto-discount code
Add a discount code to your campaign; this will be applied to your customer's cart automatically.

Campaign scheduling
Schedule the launch and end date of your campaign.

More services with Google tag manager
The main reason to use GTM (Google tag manager) in your Selldone store is that you will no longer need to waiting for your store platform to install code to your site or waiting to add new services and plugins. You should enter your GTM ID in your store management and then Selldone install Google Tag Manager's script on your website. You will be able to quickly add other Google tags like Facebook's Pixel, Google Analytics, or other third-party scripts.

Facebook Pixel Integration
In Selldone, there is a way to install the Facebook pixel by merely adding your pixel's ID in your store dashboard. This feature is beta enabled, and you can still add the pixel Facebook tag in Google. Be careful to do either.

Your frequently asked questions

What is a marketing campaign?

Campaign marketing means doing things that inform the audience about the presence of your brand, products, or services on the web.

How do I launch an effective marketing campaign?

A successful marketing campaign examines all offline and online communication channels and takes steps to attract more customers by setting a goal and identifying an audience.

What effect does campaign marketing have on the growth of my online store?

A well-designed marketing campaign will definitely attract more traffic to your online store. More incoming traffic means more buyers and more profit. This is what online business owners are looking for.

How is the marketing campaign of Selldone store builder?

Selldone provides a complete set of tools and facilities for sellers to easily analyze all the data related to their marketing campaign.

What tools does Selldone have for managing a marketing campaign?

Traceable links, auto-apply discount cart code, banner ads, attractive ads, campaign management, and Google Analytics (GTM) Analytics and Monitoring are just a few of the tools for monitoring your shopping campaign.

Does Selldone connect to my social networks?

Yes. In Selldone, you can install Facebook Pixel just by adding your Pixel ID in your store dashboard and sell your products through Facebook and Instagram.