Flexible Payment Solution for Commerce

How to choose the best ecommerce accounting software?

Many challenges that online shop owners face can be solved by choosing the right accounting solution.

Flexible Payment Solution for Commerce

Integrates with your ecommerce and POS.

Your ecommerce should have a robust integration with auditing services, but it will be more valuable if it has a built-in solution.

Integrates with your ecommerce and POS.

The platform without financial intermediation.

Use billing accounts to simplify your auditing process and managing your expense.

choose your customers' charge method, that’s ready to go.

What is your revenue model? Depending on your business, you can enable one or hybrid payment methods to sell your products, services, or subscription.

Would you like to sell your subscription plans without coding, just by one click? Request early access by email to us. support@selldone.com

Seamless experience in-site / in-app payment.

Credit cards, Apple pay, Alipay, and other popular payment methods are ready to use in your online shop.

On map
On map

Your customers select their shipping address on the map like ordering an Uber!


On-page checkout to maximize your online shop conversion rates.

in payment
in payment

Payment directly to your connected payment methods on your website.

Let your customers select their payment way.

Let your customers select their payment way.

Choose your best method andStart accepting payments.

Choose from the international or local payment method that suits your business and makes shopping easier for your customers by making payment more flexible.

Choose your best method andStart accepting payments.

Begin processing orders and payments instantly.

Don't waste your time in handling payments and fulfillment on separate platforms!

Begin processing orders and payments instantly.

Control of your cash flow.Auditing and accounting in one place.

Selldone provides an online web-based accounting system designed for small and growing businesses.

Control of your cash flow.Auditing and accounting in one place.

Use Popular payment methods and local currencies for better checkout experiences in your shop.

Sell in a way that is familiar to your customers and they use it as rutin.

Successful salespeople know that they need to pay special attention to financial management in order for their business to grow. In fact, if you are looking for financial security in an online business, you need to look more closely at financial reporting. Online sales can be very lucrative, but if you do not know how to manage your finances, you will not succeed in ecommerce. When it comes to financial management, many salespeople complain about how difficult it is; Because payment reports with numbers infinitely clutter them. This is while your account turnover and proper management are what you should consider when setting up your online store. Of course, you do not need to hire an accountant to check your accounts and finances in Selldone Free Store Builder. In Selldone, everything is calculated automatically and using artificial intelligence and displayed in the form of understandable and simple graphic structures. By gathering this information and analyzing it, you can easily put smart strategies on the agenda to advance your goals and grow your online business. All successful salespeople know the importance of financial management in making various marketing decisions. When you analyze your payments and finance reports, you will notice the wrong steps and avoid repeating them. Now let's see what tools Selldone gives you for financial management so that you do not have the hassle of dealing with numbers.

The soldiers' financial reports do not miss anything
Selldone monitors all the finances of your online store. You do not need to hold paper and pen in your account for books and accounts. Everything is prepared for you in the smallest detail on the reports page. The store instant chart shows you the sales situation by product. You can specify various factors to customize these audits and monitor the reports on a daily, monthly, or periodic basis of your choice. In addition, all financial statements are available in Excel file format so that department store sellers do not have problems with their accounting.

Pay fees only with a wallet account
You do not need to think about the commission and payment to sell in Selldone. Fees are collected only through the credit of your wallet. In fact, customers have no restrictions on buying products in your store and the sale amount is credited directly to your bank account. Depending on the design you have chosen for your store, the fee of the builder of the Selldone store is between half to 2%, which can be withdrawn only by recharging your wallet. If your wallet account is not enough, customers will not be barred from buying; Because Selldone considers the fee as a debt for your wallet account.

You get more detailed on the details of financial transactions
Selldone provides sellers with the ability to review the details of each financial transaction. With the help of these facilities, you can know the type of deposits. Direct sales of products, recharging of Drop Shipping bank accounts by retailers, and online sales through Selldone Pooz are each calculated separately. These transactions are shown to you in the list according to the time priority, and you will see more detailed information by clicking on each transaction. Information about the geographical location of payments, bank card, cost of various services, discounts, and final payment are all provided on one specific page so that you do not have any problems managing your finances.

Support for a variety of currencies and the most reputable payment gateways
You do not need to be active with a specific currency to create an online store and start your online business in Selldone. Soldier sellers anywhere in the world can enter the price of products in the currency of their home country. Buyers see the number of products converted according to their geographical location. Selldone will do this for you automatically according to the conversion rate. On the other hand, Selldone Free Store Builder has collected the most reputable international payment gateways to start a professional online business. With reputable payment gateways, you do not need to worry about the financial security of your payments.

Experience another type of online business with web services
Today, with all kinds of web services, ecommerce will be much easier. Using artificial intelligence, Selldone frees you from human intervention to manage finances and payroll reports. You can make store management easier by connecting a variety of common plugins and applications to your store. Artificial and pneumatic intelligence has not only revolutionized objects and tools but also facilitated business. So that without the need for moment-by-moment monitoring, everything related to the store goes automatically and optimally, and you do not have to worry about human errors and mistakes in different parts of your store.

Your frequently asked questions

What payment method does Selldone support?

Stripe processes the online payment on your store as a payment gateway when shoppers pay the order on the checkout page. Gateways include Stripe, PayPal, COD, Cash payment, ApplePay, GooglePay, AliPay, and direct bank transfer.

Which currencies does Selldone accept?

Selldone lets you choose from several currencies and cryptocurrencies like USD, GBP, Euro, Bitcoin, and ADA when you intend to activate accepted currencies in your dashboard.

Can I use several currencies in my store?

Yep. Alternate solution gateway is not affected by your current gateways. There is a specific support channel for every cryptocurrency gateway, which should be contacted for registry or payments problems.<br><br>

When a buyer pays for orders on my store, where does the money go?

You will receive your money directly from the client when your shopper places an order and pay it. The time that fund is sent to your bank account depends on payment gateway companies' rules. Selldone will calculate the fee you pay and withdraw from your wallet at the end of each month.

Can my customer pay their order by Bitcoin?

Yes. You can accept various digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

Is it allowed to change my checkout page?

You can edit and change your checkout page color in your store admin dashboard.

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