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Anis Kalantari
Written by Anis Kalantari
Posted on February 08, 2022
Do you do most of your transactions online? Suppose you are a

Do you do most of your transactions online? Suppose you are a small business owner worried about your payment reports and processing. In that case, the POS Solution is the best functional and the most reliable software for all small businesses. As a seller, you may like to track the inventory, compute the costs, and receive accurate reports for the high-volume payments.

You may be considering what POS software is and how it works out. This blog will discover what POS software is, its classifications, benefits and advantages, and how it works for your small business. Here, you will find the three best POS software features, including Selldone, Shopify, and Woo. So, stay tuned with me to the end!

POS Software: Definition

Point-of-Sale or POS software is generally dedicated to sales management and conducts. As an advanced computing software, POS increases the accuracy and speed of the sellers. It can integrate with computer-based devices like mobiles, tablets, and many accounting apps. Also, it is possible to combine POS software with
Ecommerce Platforms.

POS software allows you to enlarge the functionality and flexibility of your small business. The primary purpose of POS software revolves around marketing and processing transactions. Small businesses can benefit from POS software as well. In the next part, we will explore its three classifications.

Three classifications of POS software

Cloud-hosted POS

  • It can be integrated easily with many other devices like tablets and your PC.
  • It is helpful for any size business, including large or small.
  • It is convenient to use.

Mobile POS

  • You can use it to track your inventory.
  • It is beneficial for small businesses.
  • It is affordable and straightforward to use.
  • You can manage all your payments.

Terminal POS

  • It is very functional and affordable.
  • You can integrate it with a barcode scanner, card reader, and cash drawer.
  • It is the most common POS used by many marketers.

Advantages of POS Software in small businesses

A POS software is very operational and increasingly interactive. It can tailor to satisfy the following needs:

  • Customer data management
  • Sales monitoring
  • Sales reporting
  • Gross revenue
  • Vast integrations
  • Sales patterns
  • Cash flow tracking
  • Networks and databases connectivity
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Do the analytics
  • Inventory tracking
  • Customer management
  • Employee management

How does POS software work?

POS software provides you with all the functions you need for your business. You can track your daily sales operation very simply. Moreover, a POS system has both hardware and software elements. A POS hardware is a physical machine that integrates with other devices. In contrast, POS software can combine with POS hardware. POS Software is different based on its functionalities.

Because of the high level of accuracy, the POS software is beneficial for your small business. The software helps you manage your sales with daily or weekly financial reports. Also, you can be aware of the number of your stock products because the POS software automatically checks the inventory details. When you benefit from POS software, even in your small business, it is not needed to do manual accounting. You can rely on the software!

Not only can you do the accounting to receive the financial or tax reports, but also you can track your employees. You can monitor them remotely and keep monitoring of their working hours.

Furthermore, POS software is beneficial for data analysis. You shouldnโ€™t feel worried about getting lost among too many figures and bar charts. The software does render you the analytical report. Then, you can make better decisions for your (small) business.

Why is POS software superior to traditional systems?

You will achieve more in your business if you shift to thriving in POS software. Several reasons encourage the business owners to use the software include:

  • It is more accurate;
  • It is more organized;
  • It is more consistent;
  • It is more productive; and
  • It is more efficient.

Selldone POS Software

Selldone POS software is simple and powerful. The design allows you to manage the most complicated business tasks. As an open platform, it has many widespread features. Selldone POS software enables you to do everything with just a few tapings.

It is free and costs no hidden fees. It has free of charge setup cost. Through using this software, you will see a fully customized menu for applying your discounts, managing your employees, controlling your customers, and viewing all your sales.

Selldone enriches your sales experience with online POS. You can integrate the software with other hardware like scanner, label printer, scales, NFC/RFID, iPad, and the rest. Its operating system is cloud-based and boosts you to automate your business processes. Furthermore, you can synchronize all the logged-in devices simultaneously. Selldone POS enables marketers to sell anywhere. It is a free POS for PWA for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Selldone POS software is an all-in-one solution with the most advanced features. It is fast and time-consuming. Various businesses can benefit from this POS software, including restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, retail stores, beauty salons, toy stores, bars, delivery services, etc.

Shopify POS Software vs. Selldone POS Software

If you use Shopify POS software, you can also manage your small business. The software allows you to integrate with the hardware you use at your store and the dedicated Shopify card readers.

Compared with Selldone, you have to pay if you use some specific Shopify POS software features. You can have the actionable reports, like product reports, discount reports, finance reports, and the rest, whenever you need. However, they are all free if you use Sellsone POS software.

As a marketer, you can build profiles for your clients. Also, this software enables you to reach out to every client easier. Shopify POS lets you filter your customers according to their needs.

All in all, Selldone POS software is a real boost for your business. It is more recent and more compatible with your requirements. Selldone is cost-free. In contrast, using the pro features of Shopify POS software demands payment.

Woo POS software vs. Selldone POS Software

Similar to other POS software, Woo POS software covers several features. You use it for your inventory management, customers, and retailing transactions. You can employ CRM, sales tracking, and employee management, highly suggested for WooCommerce users.

You can easily integrate it with the accounting system, billing, invoicing, and credit card processing. Also, you will receive customizable reports.

Comparatively, Selldone POS software is a better alternative. Selldone POS software is great because of its specific design for speed and custom. On the other hand, you can handle several stores from one central dashboard. It is, moreover, ideal for both large and small businesses.

Why is POS software good for you?

If you own a small business, POS software is the best option. Because you can steer different tasks meticulously, POS software helps you be error-free while minimizing the risks of making a mistake. For small businesses, cloud-based POS software is very supportive.

By utilizing POS software, you make a big difference from your competitors. You are protected in your marketing sales.

Final Note
If you are a startup or run a small business, POS software is a significant boost. It improves your business quickly and enables you to keep track of everything. The software works automatically. So, do not feel worried about the weekly, monthly, or yearly report updates.

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What is POS software?

It is operating system software that is considered very useful for business owners. A POS software helps you manage your customers, manage your employees, and keep tracking your sales, report, and analysis.

Why is POS system helpful software?

It increases your speed and accuracy in business. Also, POS system software does the accounting automatically. You can have a good overview of your workflow.

What is the best free best POS software?

Square POS is the best free software. It is easy to use. Much other software needs payment like Shopify POS, Lightspeed, and Shopkeep.

Why do you need a POS system?

It makes you able to sort the data better. You can keep track of sales and customers accurately. A POS system helps you in payment processing and sales transactions.

Is POS software or hardware?

It is a combination of both software and hardware. A POS software can integrate with hardware such as a tablet, PC, and mobile.

Anis Kalantari
Written by Anis Kalantari
Published at: February 08, 2022 February 08, 2022

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More insight about Best Free POS Software for Small Businesses