Logistics & Delivery Solution

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Logistics & Delivery Solution

Inventory management system.

Inventory management is a critical aspect of your commerce company; thus, your business needs a solid tool for tracking inventory, fulfilments, and accurately reflecting availability on online stores and other points of sale.

Inventory management system.

Track products inventory.

Selldone e-commerce inventory management tools allow you to track your e-commerce and retail sales channels, manage your inventory and generate reports in an easy way.

Bulk actions.

Bulk price and quantity update just by one click or drag & drop an Excel / CSV file on your inventory panel.

Sync everything.

Make your apps and services to your online/offline commerce inventory by simple-powerful APIs.

Focus on sales and forget the pain of disharmonies.

We are working to connect all global and local payment, delivery, and logistic solutions to your business and ensure that all work together in harmony.

Focus on sales and forget the pain of disharmonies.

Need to add local services to your business management suite? Please send a request to us; we handle other things for you.

STEP 1Delivery method and shipping cost auto calculation.

Your inventory management system must be designed to create seamless pick, pack, and delivery processes so your customers always receive the right products on time.

Process fulfillment in one place.

Use a robust, flexible, and fully connected inventory and checkout in all channels to solve logistic problems in your retailers or e-commerce, especially when your business using multiple sales channels.

Labeling, packaging, and delivery.

Turn fulfillment process, update inventory, labeling, and shipping time from hours to literally seconds. All processes will be done in one place with just some clicks!

Queue orders delivery.

Create a queue for delivery orders and save pick time by couriers.

Queue orders delivery.

Deal with returned orders.

Your customers can submit product return requests and you will see return requests and their reasons in your panel to make the best decision to keep your customers satisfied.

Have your couriers?Manage your private delivery couriers with a full-featured easy to use panel.

Free of charge, you have a panel to manage your couriers to deliver orders to your customers and reduce mistakes and time-wasting significantly.

Have your couriers?Manage your private delivery couriers with a full-featured easy to use panel.

Smart logistics experience

Selldone automatically performs all the services related to logistics and sending your online store products with the help of web services. Using web services or APIs saves online sales from the hassle of human error; As a result, sellers will no longer have to worry about their sales process and will have loyal customers.

Smart logistics experience

Logistics process control and supply chain are the commerce bottleneck.

Selldone offers smart solutions to empower you to make the best decisions about warehousing, transportation, and store operation.

Integrated delivery system with the store
Shipping is one of the most important parts of any business, But most sellers do not pay enough attention to this issue. It does not matter if you own an online store or send it to your physical store. These days, most shoppers prefer to have a hassle-free purchase and have their customized goods delivered to their doorstep. Therefore, in today's business world, logistics is an inseparable necessity.

Reduce costs by sending goods in a coordinated manner
This is especially important when setting up an online store. An online retailer must have a principled way of delivering its goods. It may seem like a simple task on paper; You pack the order and deliver it to the buyer. But if you underestimate the smallest part of its execution, it will delay orders and increase costs.

Accurate estimation of shipping costs, creating a sense of trust in the buyer
To succeed in an online business, you need a comprehensive and integrated system to track your sales cycle; A system that provides you with complete information on inventory, variety, packaging, and shipping. A successful e-commerce vendor knows that packing and shipping are a guarantee that they will survive. This is because many buyers have said goodbye to shopping forever due to delayed shipping, poor packaging, damaged goods during shipping, and the like. In the meantime, successful sellers will be the ones who know the needs of their buyers and provide all the necessary facilities to supply them.

Flexibility in sending goods, from shipping services to private courier
In Selldone, a comprehensive logistics system is provided to vendors. A system that follows the sales from the beginning to the end in an integrated and coordinated manner. With the help of the tools and facilities that Selldone Store Builder provides you, creating a free and profitable online store will no longer be your dream. With the Selldone logistics system, you benefit from ready-made labels and labels; In addition, the entire submission process is completely automatic and coordinated. Return of goods is another advantage of using Selldone transportation services that brings you loyal and satisfied customers. Selldone allows you to connect your store to transportation service providers such as Olympic, Post, etc., or have your own personal ambassadors to send goods by creating a special panel. With Selldone, there will be no obstacle to your success.

Your frequently asked questions

Does Selldone have the label generator?

In Selldone Shipping, you may utilize several domestic and international postal and shipping, some of which contain tracking numbers and insurance. You may send orders on your own, and you can even use delivery and return labels generated by Selldone to stick on your packages.

Does Selldone have the label generator?

You can simply print your labels from your shop dashboard. It saves time at the post office or when the shopper comes to pick up the packages. You must use a desktop printer or a label printer supported by Selldone to print labels.

What types of shipment does Selldone cover?

You can ship using any carrier, but Selldone has collaborated with particular carriers to make the process smoother and more convenient. If you ship with USPS, UPS, or FedEx and DHL Express, you'll be able to print labels for packages automatically in Selldone.

Does Selldone show live shipping rates?

Live shipping rates are based on the real-time rates that carriers calculate. These rates vary on various factors such as distance from the warehouse, weight, and package size.

Does Selldone have the return option?

Yes. Based on your return policy, you may need to use the returns option on Selldone to return purchased products and claim a refund for shoppers. If you refund purchases swiftly and efficiently, you demonstrate your dedication to customer care and may entice clients to come back again.

Where can my customers see the tracking number?

You can add a tracking number to fulfillment if you get one after completing an order. It is accessible on your and their Orders page. Also, Selldone lets you resend the order information, including the tracking number, to your customers.

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