Create Your Human-Lead Business

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Align your team with your customers to maximize performance and free your team, so they can focus on real impact and growth.

Create Your Human-Lead Business

Team Working & Fast Growing.

Improve your team's coordination to maximize your retail and e-commerce growth in one central hub.

Team Working &amp; Fast Growing.<br>

Different staff roles.

With a dedicated employee panel, management will be simple when you want to expand your business 10x/100x/1000x.

Flexible team members access.

Effective team management is an art, especially when the business grows fast and needs defining special roles and access levels. Selldone access/team management tools help you do it better and cheaper.

Experts access control.

Organize your expert's tasks, get a clear overview of what they do, the progress of duties, and accomplish more together. An integrated expert panel provides a seamless experience in hiring, makes the contract, and assigns permissions in one place.

Your business.
Your customers.

Download your customers' info anytime you want, just by one click and download as an Excel file.

<big><big>Your business.<br>Your customers.</big></big><br>

Real-time customer's in-person/online purchase history.

Push the limits of offline/online old commerce management tools and create unique experiences for your customers.

Real-time customer's in-person/online purchase history.<br>

Sync customers web services.

Do you have a private application or want to connect other services to your store?
Selldone provides APIs to sync your customer's database in real-time.

Sync customers web services.<br>

Make your business flow smooth by commerce—team management tools.

Identify bottlenecks in your business flow, delegate tasks, and see where orders stand in real-time from anywhere, at any time with our commerce management tools.

A professional sales manager knows that he must carefully manage his sales team to be successful in an online business. But before we get to the team management section, you need to know professional and committed people and add them to your team. It should be noted that all successful businesses have a quality sales team in which each person does their job properly. From the past until now, team power has always been superior to individual power; So no matter what the scale of your business, build your business together as a team to grow faster and better.
But having a committed and caring team is useless when there is no platform to monitor their activities. As a result, you need an advanced digital companion in addition to the group that accompanies you; A companion who knows all aspects of an online business and helps you succeed. Selldone will be your constant companion and friend who stands by your side to take every step.
If you have your own business, you are probably trying harder than ordinary people. But do not worry, it's worth the time. Continuous efforts to develop your business will definitely lead you to a higher level of success. If you see your future career with a big money-making business; You will need help along the way. A reputable online store in Selldone stays in customers' minds and leads you to a valuable treasure called having loyal customers. The only way to reach this point is to divide the authority among the employees. At Selldone, we give you the advantage of adding your own employees by giving different access levels to your store dashboard.

Manage employees more easily with a dedicated panel
Selldone Free Store Builder has simplified management by designing a special panel for employees and team members. Just adding an email address is enough to add team members to the store panel. After adding people, you can assign different positions to them. Creating an online store is not enough to be successful; Depending on your needs, you should have a product manager, financial manager, content manager, senior manager, and various other employees who each do their job well.

Secure data and customers information
Do not worry about starting an online business in Selldone and adding different people to the store panel. In Selldone you, as the store manager, can give special access to each member of your team. For example, a shipping and logistics manager does not need to know sales information. To do this, you only need to limit the access level of different people in your store through a dedicated panel of employees. This will never make important, private information about your store available to anyone. In addition, in the employee panel, you will receive a report of their activities that shows you what different people have done in a given period of time. With the help of these reports, you identify the weaknesses and strengths of your team and make serious decisions to better move your online business.

Easily manage your customers and users in Selldone.
In addition to managing employees, managing users and customers is another factor that contributes to the success of e-commerce. Selldone has a separate panel for your users where the details of user activity are specified. By tracking the activity of your users, you will notice the latest login dates and distinguish loyal customers from inactive users. This information will help you place your customers at different levels and use the various discount and incentive plans that Selldone has installed.

It is easy to manage with all kinds of web services or APIs
Selldone Free Store Builder supports a range of web services that make selling and managing tools easier than ever. AI API technology helps managers of large online stores easily track the behavior of employees and users and pave the way to success by analyzing various data. With the help of Selldone web services, you can add all kinds of applications and plugins to your online store and protect your online store from human errors and mistakes.

Your frequently asked questions

Do I need a team to succeed in online business?

Most large and successful businesses have never underestimated the power of teamwork. If you are thinking of a great and advanced online business, you can not deny the impact of a committed team in completing it. But just having a team is not enough; There should be a professional platform to manage your team.

How should I manage my employees in Selldone?

The completely free store builder has a dedicated panel for managing your employees. In this panel, the complete information of the team members is clearly displayed and you can consider each of your people to manage a specific part of the store.

What is the solution for store data security?

Selldone allows vendors or online store managers to restrict access to different members of the team. In fact, each member of your team has only a specific responsibility and will never have access to your store's personal information. With this feature, you no longer have to worry about the security of your information.

Is the activity of the store employees in Selldone traceable?

The tools in your online store panel in Selldone allow you to monitor employee activity. To do this, all you have to do is click on the name of the person you want in the employee panel section and check its activity within your specified time period.

How is the management of customers and users in Selldone Store Builder?

Selldone Store Builder also allows sellers to manage customers and users. In Selldone, users have a dedicated panel where you can monitor their activity and categorize users at different levels. This information can also be downloaded as an Excel file so that you can know your loyal customers.

What is the advantage of the Selldone management system over other platforms?

Selldone online store builder has facilitated the management of different sections by supporting various web services. In Selldone, you can add a variety of applications and extensions to your online store and multiply your sales by managing employees properly despite the artificial intelligence.