The Next-Generation of Web Application Builders

The modern way to create an online presence

Empowers entrepreneurs to build their professional online presence in an intuitive no-code platform.

The Next-Generation of Web Application Builders

The modern way to create your business online presence.

The powerful engine converts your design to the web app by real-time live updates.

The modern way to create your business online presence.

Professionally design by rich tools.

Start by selecting a template and customize it by using the drag and drop page builder.

Professionally design by rich tools.

Build with your team.

High-performance team-oriented design and management tools to create stunning pages.

Build with your team.

Modern responsive layouts.

Push the limits of technical headaches and create unique online experiences for your customers.

Modern responsive layouts.

Analyze everything.

Get information about your customers' behavior in seconds and offer them your best products and services.

Analyze everything.

Rich and smart sections one-click integration.

Add blogs, products, categories, collections, and smart suggestions to your landing pages, fully dynamic, intuitive, and straightforward.

Design your page — it's free

Rich design vs broken design.

The tool should fit the goals. Choose an eCommerce fit platform to manage, promote and grow your business online.

Attractive landing pages; The first condition for the success of the online store
If you are thinking of creating an online store, you should put the attractive design of landing pages on your agenda. Landing pages are the first point of contact of the visitor with your store, which determines his continued presence. If your landing page exposes different elements such as images of products or services, different texts, and different buttons in a very attractive way to the visitor, the visitor-to-buyer conversion rate will be higher. As a result, you will have more sales and promote your online business.

Professional design with a simple method in Selldone
Selldone Website Builder provides you with a set of simple, fast, and hassle-free tools for designing and building a store landing page. With the Selldone Store Builder platform, you can design a professional and user-friendly website without hiring a programmer or having the technical expertise and enjoying your eye-catching store. Selldone user-friendly site builder is compatible with any specialized level of user and allows you to have effective control over your website with a wide range of eye-catching features. Selldone provides users with a simple but complete tool for designing landing pages, which are the most important part of an online store. With the help of page builder, you can add basic elements such as text sections, image sections, product-ready templates, various call-to-action (CTA) buttons, embedded URLs, and anything else you want to your store landing page.

A variety of tools for designing landing pages
Selldone site builder is a stormy start to start an internet business; Because it provides you with an unparalleled variety of tools for designing landing pages. You do not need special knowledge to work with these tools; A little taste is enough to design the landing pages in the most attractive way with the help of the Drag & Drop feature. You can also gently move the different sections up or down. Selldone empowers you to generate all the pages you need to convert visitors, display products, and enhance website performance. Built-in drag and drop website builder in Selldone equips you with simple, fast, and hassle-free tools to build your own website. With Selldone's drag and drop website builder and all-in-one eCommerce platform, you can build a modern and user-friendly professional website without the need to hire programmers or having any technical expertise.

Ability to create an infinite landing page for more sales
In Selldone, you can design a separate landing page for each section of your online store. There is no limit to the number of landing pages. Design them with any type of color and layout you want and assign them to different pages of your store. In addition, it is possible to design landing pages for marketing campaigns in Selldone. Design a unique, landing page for your marketing campaign that will make your online business more attractive.

Responsive and mobile landing pages
Nowadays, mobile commerce is gradually replacing computer commerce; These little electronic gadgets, which hold everything in their hearts, are the constant companion of human beings and are considered versatile in most gadgets. In the meantime, retailers can differentiate their online business from others that have designed their store to be compatible with a variety of screens. This feature is provided to you completely free of charge. Landing pages for mobile and tablet put you in the e-commerce competition one head above the competition! So move with Selldone and run in the world of online competitions.

Your frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the Selldone template and Selldone HyperPage?

In brief, Selldone HyperPage enables you to make a customized landing page for your online shop. But the Selldone template is a unique frame in your dashboard, and the shop page basically comes with a violet color where let's change the color of the template.

Can I customize my theme on Selldone?

Selldone offers a unique template for your webshop page. You can customize the color of your dashboard and webshop theme. If you want to design a tailor-made landing page, Selldone HyperPage represents many tools and features for building eye-catching pages.

How does a landing page differ from a website?

Unlike websites and homepages intended for browsing, landing pages are tailored to a specific promotion or campaign and direct visitors to a customized call to action. In a nutshell, landing pages are prepared to convert visitors into customers.

What elements does Selldone page builder have?

It has advanced tools and layout capabilities that enable you to build modern landing page designs for any device without code. The elements include images, animations, call-to-action-buttons, blog sections, collection, and various styles.

Can I design responsive landing pages on Selldone?

What Selldone gives you is a fully responsive landing page which means it looks great on any-sized screens from smartphones to widescreen monitors. <br>

Can I send my designed landing page file to my friend?

Yes. There is an import/export option that lets you save your page as a file in case of any mistaken edit or send it to your friends.

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