Free SEO Tools For eCommerce

Real-time SEO monitoring and auditing platform

Fast-forward to online marketing by empowering organic customers acquisition channels.

Free SEO Tools For eCommerce

Be where your customers are!

Properly present your brand, product, and business to your audience in search results.

Be where your customers are!

Selldone auto SEO engine.

Search engines try to show the best results to their users, so provide more accurate and comprehensible content in the right way.

Selldone auto SEO engine.<br>

Insight to increase organic customers acquisition.

Your focus should be on the content quality and its performance to your audience, so you need a tool to help you be aware of users' feedback and behavior in real-time.

Insight to increase organic customers acquisition.<br>

Delegate optimization tasks to us.<br>
Delegate optimization tasks to us.

From compressing images to creating meta tags, all tasks will be done automatically, and visual tips will help you improve your content where needed.

Features & benefits
Focus on content, not technical.<br>
Focus on content, not technical.

Instead of wasting your time dealing with technical issues and optimization, spend your time producing great content and building a splendor business.

Page builder & CMS

Analyze landing pages for best results.

All the information and tips are at your disposal in a fully visual canvas.

Analyze landing pages for best results.

 Instantly improve your organic marketing.

Google search console is a free service that allows you to monitor and optimize your site’s visibility for Google search.

&nbsp;Instantly improve your organic marketing.

Technical SEO.
Technical SEO.

Delegate 100% to us  — it's free for all merchants.

Internal SEO.
Internal SEO.

Delegate 100% to us  — it's free for all merchants.

External SEO.
External SEO.

We are by your side so you can get more healthy backlinks.

Content &amp; CMS.<br>
Content & CMS.

Selldone provides the best CMS tools in the market for your business.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Generator.

AMP is a web component framework to create user-first experiences for your website.

Instance Experience
Instance Experience<br>

Great page experience out-of-the-box.

AMP Engine
AMP Engine

Immerse readers in one tap loading.


Without coding and installing anything.

Rich search results.

Search engines use structured data to understand the content on the page. Selldone helps you by providing specific information about your online store and products, which can help your site display as featured results.

Search view
Search view

Blog, Publication, and articles.

Structured data
Structured data

Products and reviews.

Rich result
Rich result

Books, recipes, and etc.

Free SEO tools to instantly improve your eCommerce performance.

The best SEO tools make it cheaper, simpler, and easier to ensure that your e-commerce website is optimized for performance and manage and monitor your content health.

Why Should You Care About SEO?
Search engines conduct billions of online users every single day; This means a large amount of specific, high-valuable organic traffic. People search for products and services with the intent to pay for these things. For you, as an e-commerce owner, these searches are known to have commercial intent, meaning they are indicating with their search that they want to buy something you offer. As the leading search engine, Google is always improving its search algorithms to adjust to how consumers are searching. Google is looking for pages that contain high-quality and relevant information relevant to the user's search query. Selldone helps you to provide your content and products fit to your customers as well as search engines...
The average American spends approximately 87 hours per month browsing on their smartphone. 76% of US citizens use their phones to open and respond to emails while watching TV. 50% of online searches are conducted from a mobile device or tablet. So obviously, mobile optimization is necessary! Selldone no-template solution ensures that your e-commerce is mobile optimized and mobile-friendly all the time. When a user searches on Google, the algorithm will look for mobile-optimized content first and display that at the top of the search engine results page. You can check all in your Google search console, all done by Selldone, and you don't need to invest in a responsive website update.

Advanced content management system (CMS)
Selldone CMS provides a simple inline-editor and content management and delivery system. All meta tags, structured data, JSON-LD, image optimization, and internal linking consideration handle by Selldone-CMS. You need to focus on your SEO strategy and services rather than technical issues or coding.

Page speed insights
Your Selldone store will be a progressive web app! It's the #1 in the world that offers PWA site-builder for its customers, either seller (for store owner) and buyer (for store).

Selldone AMP solution
A Financial-Times-Technology-Department study shows that every second matter for online websites. Even a second-long delay from your site loading speed can have an intense effect on your ability to convert and engage customers. Selldone AMP-engine brings a faster page load experience for your customers.

SEO - AI cohesion
The new technologies create more opportunities for eCommerce to reach their audiences, and it requires harnessing these opportunities into an effective business growth strategy. Selldone AI team works o

Your frequently asked questions

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and the process of preparing or optimizing a site for search engines and users is called SEO. The main purpose of search engines is to improve the user experience and provide quality content to users. These characteristics are considered in the design of the SEO site.

How does the SEO engine of Selldone Store Builder work?

Configuring the website and entering information for each page of the site is time-consuming and difficult. To solve this problem, Selldone has installed an automatic SEO engine that performs these repetitive activities by algorithms and artificial intelligence, without the need for user intervention.

What should I do in Selldone Store Builder to optimize store SEO?

Selldone has done the technical SEO of the store and all the information structures. The seller's task to improve the store SEO is only to produce unique and valuable content. Content that introduces your products well.

What should we do to write a product-based SEO description?

Writing a product description that appeals to search engines is not a difficult task but it does take time. Therefore, Selldone has provided you with a content management system so that you can produce text and video content in accordance with Google's interests in a simpler and more attractive way.

What are AMP pages?

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source HTML framework first developed by Google. AMP screens are optimized for mobile browsers with very high loading speeds; As a result, loading the online store will not be boring for mobile users.

How do I create an AMP page?

To create AMP pages for your site, you can refer to its open-source project on the site, or by creating your own online store in the Selldone AMP version, the store will be created automatically and for you for free.