Incentives and Customer Club

New customers cost 5X more than repeat customers!

Tools to design gamified loyalty programs for omnichannel and eCommerce, combined with the POS and online store functionalities.

Incentives and Customer Club

Discount codes.

Discount a certain percentage with an optional limit to the customer who has the discount code.

Discount codes.<br>

Conditional coupons & Tickets.

Give the discount percentage on the shopping cart and/or a fixed amount discount to your customers. You can define some conditions to coupon be applicable for the customer.

Conditional coupons &amp; Tickets.<br>

Offers & Auto discounts.

Define automated offers on products to encourage customers to buy more items from your online store.

Offers &amp; Auto discounts.<br>

Vouchers & Gift cards.

Issue gift cards for your customers with just some clicks in seconds.

Vouchers &amp; Gift cards.<br>

Gamification & Reward.

Engage customers emotionally by applying gamification to your business.

Gamification &amp; Reward.<br>

Combine incentives and build new ways.

The only platform that allows you to combine and use all models of incentives at the same time! So feel free to use your creativity.

Combine incentives and build new ways.

Discount of products and variants.

Apply different pricing and discount strategy for each product and variant.

Discount of products and variants.

Online experience<br>
Online experience

Supercharge online customers' engagement by giving daily offers, fun, and excitement.

Ecommerce builder
In-person experience<br>
In-person experience

Create continuous engagement between online and in-person shop experiences in your business.

Online POS

How are loyalty programs different when powered by Selldone?

Use incentives and gamification in your business to drive better outcomes.

No-code incentive design software
Choose between multiple loyalty program structures, apply them up to your online shop easily, and automate the process in a visual canvas.

The importance of retaining customers and increasing conversion rates

Creating an online store will not work without considering the tools that will help you sell. One of the most important and vital aspects of an online business is keeping current customers satisfied and increasing customer engagement rates. When the customer is satisfied with the online purchase, the online store also introduces you to its friends and acquaintances. On the other hand, you should look for a solution that will help you reach new customers. So you need to add methods to your online business that increase the conversion rate of visitors to customers. All of these aspects encourage you to have effective and efficient marketing strategies.
When you have more customers who have experienced a pleasant purchase from you, branding and enlarging the store will be easy. So you are on the road to success in your online business. But to attack this road, you need tools and facilities that will help you achieve your goals.

Increase sales by creating a customer club in Selldone
Selldone online store builder has provided all the facilities for designing your customers' club and classifying your buyers. In Selldone, you can place customers in a particular category depending on the number of purchases per month or year. Organizing customers in an online store club allows you to offer different discount plans for specific categories of your customers. Selldone pursues customer management by earning various tokens. Put them in bronze to diamond categories based on the customer's purchase rate and personalize the discounts.

Use scheduled discount codes
Vendors in Selldone can design a variety of discount codes with a time limit. Discount codes in Selldone are designed to reduce a certain percentage of the customer's order, and it is also possible to set a discount ceiling for you. On the other hand, it is also possible to set a limit on the number of uses and consider the maximum allowable consumption for your discount code. Discount codes have the greatest impact on the conversion rate of visitors to customers and turn your online business upside down.

All kinds of discount coupons and amazing special offers
In addition to discount codes that have a tremendous impact on your sales and revenue, we have a complete set of discount plans for you in Selldone. Discount coupons are one of these designs that have all the features of the discount code and in addition, it is possible to design them for a particular category or variety of products. You can use discount coupons even in your physical store with Selldone Poz and have more popular customers. In addition to coupons, you design a wide range of smart and exciting discounts on solids that the customer can get another product or a percentage discount by buying a particular product.

Exciting discount games in Selldone
Discounted games are one of the newest incentives for customers, which encourages more visitors to buy from your store. Games like Wheel of Fortune can be designed in your online store in Selldone. These games were designed by Selldone; All you have to do is determine the prizes and their chances and use the smartest tools we have at your disposal to have a more professional store.

Rechargeable digital gift cards only in Selldone
One of the discount plans that you can find only in the free store of Selldone is the design of a rechargeable gift card. These gift cards are digitally designed by Selldone for you, which not only saves you from the costs associated with physical gift cards but also greatly affects the success of your store. These cards have an expiration date and a certain amount of credit that can be recharged.
Creating an online store is simple and inexpensive with the help of the smart tools you have in Selldone. You just have to use your tools. Tools and facilities that you do not need to spend extra to use. Choose the design of your store and make the most of the extraordinary facilities of the customer club management in Selldone. With these features, it will no longer be difficult to overtake online competitors.

Your frequently asked questions

What is a promotion?

Promotion is part of a product marketing strategy that sellers use as short-term or long-term goals depending on their purpose. This advertising method helps to brand internet businesses and increase sales.

How to implement a gift card program?

Implementing a gift card program will increase revenue and customer loyalty. Starting and running a gift card program in Selldone is affordable and easy. In order to achieve sales goals, you need to consider these steps, creating a campaign, defining a policy and goals that allow you to measure the effectiveness of this program.

How do promotional programs help your sales growth?

Most companies have weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales targets. If a business senses the risk of declining sales, it will turn to powerful incentive tools such as discounts. These tools help companies improve their sales statistics. Sales growth is achieved by using the discount method on your customer's page with the help of appropriate sentences and calls to action.

What is the use of sales promotion?

Sales promotion is a good and effective way to increase sales, attract new customers, encourage previous customers to buy again, and make the best use of seasonal occasions. These promotions are a short-term marketing method that is used to persuade potential customers to come to the store and satisfy them by offering amazing offers.

What effect do discount plans have on increasing sales?

Different discount plans make the price of the product lower than the previous price for the period you are considering. Time constraints or limitations on the number of uses make customers more motivated to buy the product. As a result, in addition to advertising your product, you can experience more sales.

What tools does Selldone Store Builder have to create discount plans?

Selldone provides you with a complete set of tools to design and manage your customers' club. You can design customized promotions such as seasonal sales, scheduled discounts, discount codes, offers, gift cards, and a variety of discount methods.