No-Code Trigger-Flow Automation Platform

Eliminate duplicate tasks in your business

Niomatic no-code development platforms provide drag & drop tools that enable businesses to develop automation processes quickly without coding in a visual canvas.

No-Code Trigger-Flow Automation Platform

Business on autopilot mode &
Save Up to 80% by Removing Repetitive Tasks.

The time, how much does it cost?! Imagine, if we can turn the world into a more convenient place, we will enjoy the pleasure of more time for family, recreations, and erupting creativities.

Business on autopilot mode &amp;<br><span style="font-weight: normal;">Save Up to 80% by Removing Repetitive Tasks.</span><br>

It's time to bring the power of control to the hands of people.

Selldone philosophy is to provide tools, in the online world, for anyone, anywhere, and with any budget, with the no-code no-theme no-pain solution. Accessibility in the online world is your right, not a privilege! You can be a member of this community; every dollar sale in Selldone makes accessibility better for others; And it will make our happy future, democratize online commerce builder tools.

Trigger-flow, The Next Generation of Programming.

There is great potential in marketing automation, a good marketing automation strategy has put customer orientation at its core. With data collected from interactions between brands and audiences across multiple channels, marketers can understand the intent, buying behavior, and problems that consumers face.

<big><big><big><big><big>NIOMATIC.</big></big></big></big></big><br>Trigger-flow, <span style="font-weight: normal;">The Next Generation of Programming.</span><br>

No-code visual automation platform.

By using Niomatic, developers, instead of complicated textual programming, use Niomatic by dragging and dropping and connecting blocks together on Niomatic web-app or application to trigger IoT hardware.

No-code visual automation platform.<br>

With respect to Pajuhaan as the creator of trigger-flow programming who could not patent due to financial problems.

Trigger-flow vs. Data-flow

Trigger-flow programming is a new structure in Visual Programming invented in 2012 by Pajuhaan, which significantly improved the problems of the previous graphical programming (Data Flow) in designing complex sequences and brought more flexibility close to the cause and effect sequence.

Trigger-flow vs. Data-flow

Your business automation in action.

An applet to notify the inventory of a product.

Replace difficulty with creativity.

Smart people save their time to focus more on what they love to do in business and life.

Replace difficulty with creativity.

Create with your team.

Use your team's creativity to make things easier for each other, you can do interesting and wonderful things, and you won't be limited by your programming skills anymore.

Create with your team.

Simple concept.
Triggers fire the next actions.

Each block has some in/out triggers. Trigger signal at the output of blocks can execute a command on the next block(s).

<span class="VIiyi" lang="en"><span class="JLqJ4b ChMk0b" data-language-for-alternatives="en" data-language-to-translate-into="fa" data-phrase-index="0"><span>Simple concept.<br><span style="font-weight: normal;">Triggers fire the next actions.</span><br></span></span></span>

But make a big difference.

Create programs with nature-like causal structures and reduce the complexity with visual programming by up to 90%.

But make a big difference.<br>

Make multi-tasking easy.

Solves the problem of creating multi-thread / multi-tasks applications in visual programming by a straightforward solution.

Make multi-tasking easy.

Make it possible to design zero-delay hybrid & nested loops.

Provides the ultimate solution for building nested loops with feedback without the need for inherent delays.

Make it possible to design zero-delay hybrid &amp; nested loops.<br>

Hassle-free cross-threads & cross-apps calling.

Forget handlers and callbacks! The Niomatic Data Management provides everything for programmers to experience building the most professional native software without writing a single line of code.

Hassle-free cross-threads &amp; cross-apps calling.

Bring multiple starting sources in visual programming.

The flow of data and the sequence of execution are completely independent; thus, applets can start from multiple points.

Bring multiple starting sources in visual programming.

Enable native efficiency in visual programming.

Thread management with the hardware-independent runtime units with real-native performance experience.

Enable native efficiency in visual programming.

Cross-platform & Device-independent.
A noble runtime with data management and processing structure.

Niomatic applets run on ARM microcontrollers, web apps, mobile phones, and servers.

Cross-platform &amp; <span class="VIiyi" lang="en"><span class="JLqJ4b ChMk0b" data-language-for-alternatives="en" data-language-to-translate-into="fa" data-phrase-index="0"><span>Device-independent</span></span></span>.<br><span style="font-weight: normal;">A noble runtime with data management and processing structure.</span>

Drag & Drop automation design.

Niomatic no-code platform is a programming platform that uses a visual IDE to enable non-technical users to build applications by dragging and dropping blocks to create an application or automation process. No need for any previous coding experience to build applications using Niomatic/Selldone platform.

Dev Environment
Dev Environment<br>

Edit Blocks
Edit Blocks

Advanced Layouts
Advanced Layouts<br>

Automate everything with small automation units.

Niomatic empowers multi-billion of any-range smartphones/tablets to implement IoT projects without using PCs or Laptops to create automation processes.

<big><big><big><big>Applet.</big></big></big></big><br><span style="font-weight: normal;">Automate everything with small automation units.</span><br>

Commerce / IoT integration solution.

Design internet of things projects without code! Yes, it is the rise of no-code software development.

Commerce / IoT integration solution.

What is the trigger flow visual programming language?

The Niomatic platform.

Niomatic, Trigger flow visual programming
Niomatic, the meaning of "n Input-Output self-perform," is an Android-based platform for a visual programming language from NIO Group. This platform performs to execute on low power consumption and limited resource hardware applications. "N Input-Output self-perform," mostly known as Niomatic, is a free android based mobile-application to create small built-in applications called applets to make programs by drag & drop instead of coding graphically. Nowadays, cell phones are inseparable parts of humanโ€™s daily lives. The advent of smartphones expands the functionalities of phones far from traditional communications. Nio, proposed as an IoT platform, provides a short and cost-effective solution for software and hardware production. Niomatic is a comprehensive solution that makes it possible to design and build diverse, smart things with a user-friendly and enterprise-grade interface. Using Niomatic, time from idea to market is reduced dramatically. Connect, manipulate, assess, authenticate, monitor, and control various devices with Niomatic development tools and Niomatic XChain smart contract platform. The platform provides the tools to build the desired applet on PCs, phones, and tablets and can be executed on power-efficient and limited resource hardware applications. Niomatic is the only solution that combines the power of zero-code development with native code execution in all mobile and desktop operating systems. You can also design a new form of apps (Applet) on your mobile phone directly.

Nio includes built-in support for hardware such as ARM, ARM-v7, ARM-v8, X86, X64, MIPS with a large number of device-specific blocks for such hardware.

Trigger-flow Structure
This application has been designed in the field of graphical programming based on cause-effect relationships. The technical field of this invention is computer and electrical engineering, reaching many more uses in other engineering fields such as control and Instrumentation engineering, chemistry, and agriculture. This application is a solution for graphical programming base on triggers and actions witch handle all the procedures of control and functionality by graphical programming. Each block has an input that triggers the action, and the output results from the input of the trigger. Each small program includes small elements called graphical blocks. Mentioned blocks are executed by connecting each other to run the desired operation.

Democratic Language
The platform is unrestricted for all public, educational, and non-commercial purposes. Visual programming framework, offered by Niomatic, comes easily to everyone familiar with computer science concepts. The graphical approach also enables zero-code to build enterprise-grade applications by dragging and dropping blocks representing codes and functionalities.
It provides opportunities in the electronic and computer field at the lowest cost, fastest time and eliminates repetitive tasks by creating value.

Create apps to solve user problems.
Applications for smartphones and tablets have gained a big market share in the last decade. Many companies offer their services via these applications, but application development is a long-term and costly process. Most of the expenditures are due to the complexity of complete software development and the integrity between a multiplicity of programming languages. Since the 1980s, companies such as National Instrument, MathWorks, Apple, Microsoft, and others have introduced and developed visual programming languages that they faced with a big failure, except for the first two companies. The two companies are developing LabVIEW and Simulink. Unfortunately, both are not compatible with smartphone operating systems, such as iOS and Android. To solve the problem, a lot of application builders have been introduced. However, these programs have implemented steady patterns of applications with three major problems: (i) the limitation in the design of modern and complex structures; (ii) the use of non-Native language interfaces, such as HTML and JavaScript, which slow down and limit the application. (iii) Disability in implementing communication protocols used in the IoT field.
Many apps have specific and limited usages at a specific time and place. Consequently, the more applications you install, the less memory space your smartphone or tablet hasโ€”waste resources by reinventing the wheel.  Apps use the same structure that requires a lot of time and money to be implemented. Security issues and support should also be considered after release. The mentioned facts mean you should reinvent the wheel for each app.