Smart Commerce Report Generator

Professional reports are the ladder to your success.

Accelerate customers—revenue growth by data intelligence and AI for retail & eCommerce

Smart Commerce Report Generator

Commerce—leading online report designer, builder, and generator all in one.

With a built-in online easy-to-use commerce reporting service, Selldone provides the definitive online real-time and periodical reporting experience that you’ll love.

<big><big><big>Commerce—leading online report designer, builder, and generator all in one.</big></big></big>

Translate complex data into a visual story to make better decisions.

Better know your customers and make more money by free built-in e-commerce report maker for engaging and sales.

Translate complex data into a visual story to make better decisions.<br>

Real-time reporting dashboard.

You need a complete report of customers engagement, growth, and financial reports in real-time to make the best decisions for your business. These professional reports provide instant information for better commerce management.

Real-time reporting dashboard.<br>

No-code report designer.
Create your custom reports.

Customize every aspect of your business reports to make your information presence intuitive and beautiful.

No-code report designer.<br>Create your custom reports.

Periodical reports on your mailbox.

Receive a complete report of your business status via email each week.

Periodical reports on your mailbox.<br>

Automate decision-making by native commerce AI. ... Coming Soon

Discover the power of marketing and selling intelligence

Automate decision-making by native commerce AI. <small><small><small>... Coming Soon</small></small></small><br>

Build better applications.
Connect apps to your reports.

Selldone supports a wide range of web services that allow retail and eCommerce owners to connect the most relevant apps and services to their business and monitor all aspects of their commerce in one place.

Build better applications.<br>Connect apps to your reports.<br>

Great features of the visual smart report maker

 A visual report is an intuitive compilation of information about your business sales, revenue, engagement, and growth data.

Insights & Reports
A business activity report is a guide that tells you how to take the next step. Of course, if this report is prepared accurately. Most business managers do not care about the monthly or annual report of their business, while a professional report examines all your steps up to this point and shows you the next step.
Many successful business owners see monthly reporting as the key to success; This is because examining your strengths and weaknesses over the course of a month will prevent you from following a wrong path in your business. But to use the monthly report, most managers struggle with common problems; Problems ranging from how the report is written to its continuation throughout the month. But in Selldone Free Store Builder, you say goodbye to these challenges; Because thanks to artificial intelligence and the integrated reporting system of Selldone Intelligent, everything is calculated automatically and is provided to you in the form of specific charts.

An accurate report of visit statistics and visitor activity
Selldone Store Builder has dedicated a dedicated panel to track the activities of visitors. In this section of your online store dashboard, you can check the details of your contacts' activities. This review allows you to identify your popular products and pages and invest in them to implement your marketing strategies.

Simple but complete financial statements
Financial statements are an integral part of any business, without which it is not possible to analyze the progress of goals in business. With the help of financial reports, you accurately measure the profit and loss of your business; This review will help you act smarter to target and take the next steps. Tracking financial reports at regular intervals provides you with more effective marketing solutions. Solutions that make it easier to succeed. Selldone automatically calculates the details of financial statements for you without the need for an accountant. The digital world today, with a variety of applications and APIs, has minimized human error and paved the way for success.

Report user activity for better interaction with them
To build an online store, you need a section that carefully monitors the activity of customers, new members, the popularity of products in the eyes of users, and their comments. In Selldone, there is a panel for monitoring and analyzing the activities of users, which closely follows their activities. The activity of your online store users is presented in the form of visual charts and analyzable maps to determine your next steps more precisely and achieve success.

Ability to access reports instantly
One of the advantages of having a smart report maker is the possibility of instant access to various reports. All financial activities and transfers are instantly recorded and traceable. This feature of Selldone allows well-meaning and capable sellers to recognize their wrong steps as quickly as possible and avoid following a wrong path. Selldone Online Reports helps managers plan their business growth and take steps to reach the pinnacle of e-commerce success.

Determine the time period for a detailed review of the store's performance
In addition to showing your online store reports on an instantaneous basis, Selldone allows you to track reports over a period of time. Checking weekly, monthly and yearly reports are what you need for your business to succeed. All successful managers have reached this position by analyzing reports for a specific period of time; That is why Selldone has given special importance to this possibility and by presenting reports in the form of graphs and understandable graphic structures, has made managing the online store an enjoyable activity for you.

Your frequently asked questions

What is Selldone Smart Report Maker?

Smart report maker is a tool to create custom financial, engagement, and growth reports for businesses to discover the power of marketing and selling intelligence.

How does using eCommerce reports affect the success of the online business?

Succeeding in any business requires monitoring all aspects of your business, smart report helps you by translating complex data into a visual story to make better decisions.

What information does the commerce report maker provide to the seller?

Smart report builder provides you with complete and separate information about transactions and financial statistics, the engagement of your customers, and your business growth. &amp;amp;lt;br&amp;amp;gt;

How to create reports for my eCommerce?

You can use various reports service providers. Selldone smart report provides you with a bunch of useful visual information without coding or hiring experts.