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The sell engine for brands,
Loved by individuals

One place, One platform & Your way to turn your ideas into reality.

The platform that gives you the access to create, design, and manage your business precisely the way your customers want.

One place, One platform & Your way to turn your ideas into reality.

Human-oriented platform.Customers are the heart of your business.

The average large-sized e-commerce site can gain a 35.26% increase in conversion rate through better checkout design.

Human-oriented platform.Customers are the heart of your business.

Physical products
Physical products

Any physical product that has delivery received by the customer in person.

Virtual products
Virtual products

Charge cards, game items, tokens and any other virtual goods.


Files, videos, and any kinds of downloadable content.


Appointment, rental, booking, on-demand, and all types of services.

Online hassle-free point of sale.

Use a unified platform to sell products anywhere, in-person and online, social media, and marketplaces.

Online hassle-free point of sale.

No-code page / web-app builder.

Built to scale with handy drag & drop visual experience without coding.

Landing page design tool

Build your unique social presence.Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Wechat, ...

  Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Wechat sales tools

Build your unique social presence.Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Wechat, ...

Seamless drop-shipping experience.

One platform for wholesalers and resellers under one roof by a seamless payment and fulfillment system.

Seamless drop-shipping experience.

Content management system & blogging.

Easy-to-use inline editor with rich content types support.

Content management system & blogging.

SEO Engine Specifications

One place to build an engaging community for your ecommerce.

Enjoy ready-to-use brand-new moderation, authority, and regime design tools to reduce the customer supports time and cost and builds a new powerful sales channel at the same time.

One place to build an engaging community for your ecommerce.

Visual programming & Automation.

Connect your business with apps and automate workflows with the brand-new trigger flow visual programming platform.

Visual programming & Automation.

Workflows Automation

Loved by developers.

Access to 100% aspects of your business via powerful APIs. Developers can develop private and public applications on Selldone.

Shop API

Public access to products, checkout, payment, and shop information, to build an app or connect to other services.

Shop API

Shop APIs
Management API

Access to all financial records, products, transactions, orders, users, incentives, campaigns via API with oAuth2 authentication.

Management API

Admin APIs
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Benefits for individuals and companies.

What are the key features of Selldone for your business?

Get started fast and free
Selldone Free Store Builder is a professional e-commerce platform that incorporates easy ways to create an online store. Build your online store quickly and for free with the world's top store builder. You do not need to learn how to build an online store. Selldone has provided you with various tools without the need for technical information. Add your required elements to the login pages. Image the products in the upload gallery and adjust your payment methods so that your online store is ready.

Experience online and secure payment with Selldone
Selldone Store Builder supports your online business anywhere in the world. In Selldone, you can buy and sell in the currencies of different countries. Selldone integrates your store with any online payment. It is possible to use the currency of common currencies or integration with various payment gateways such as Visa, MasterCard, etc. in this platform. Online transactions are followed completely safely in the Selldone platform and payments are credited directly to the seller's account. So do your online business without worry.

Automation and automation of processes in Selldone
Process automation saves you from traditional automation processes such as pricing, taxes, rebates, shipping rates, and handling costs. Focus on sales instead of dealing with complex automation processes. Because Selldone has taken over everything with the automation solution. Integrate all IoT hardware with a graphic programming language (applet pneumatic services) in Selldone and become a professional in the path of modern e-commerce.

The page builder feature distinguishes your store owners
Do not look for programming languages ​​to build landing pages. In Selldone, with the help of the professional infrastructure provided, you can build professional landing pages just by dragging and dropping; Without the need for technical information in this area. The per-made template in the solids gives you different modes that you just need to place different elements, services, images, and texts on the embedded sections to make the landing page. This way, you can quickly create landing pages and professional stores based on your preferred settings, without the need for programming or hiring designers.

Selldone with marketing tools
Selldone has everything ready to promote your brand and store. Followed by simple marketing and advertising campaigns. Implement different marketing strategies for your store; Affiliate marketing, drop shipping, SEO-based strategies, SEO images and everything you need is ready in your cell.

Analysis with Selldone Smart Reporter
If you do not know how to succeed in e-commerce, Selldone Smart Reporter is with you. With the help of this report maker, you analyze your performance and analyze customer behavior. Using a sales funnel and simple graphical data, Selldone constantly monitors and displays your sales and movement information. Using Selldone Smart Report Maker, you will find out which steps have been taken intelligently and which steps should not be taken. By analyzing your store information, you will become a professional salesperson.

Simple but intelligent management of products and inventories
Selldone Store Builder has installed various fields to manage different products. You do not need to worry if there is a variety of sizes, colors, and types of a product. Specify your product category and fill in the remaining fields separately for each product. Keep your product inventory simply up to date and use different catalogs to organize your product inventory.

Manage orders, check delivery status and payments
If you are worried about managing orders or checking the delivery status of goods, Selldone Free Store Builder is by your side. This professional platform has all the necessary infrastructure for managing various orders. Selldone monitors the delivery status of your goods and handles the flow of payments, so you can start an online business professionally.

Have a powerful UI / UX with hosts
Selldone Store Builder prepares you to create a user-friendly online store. In Selldone, everything is per-made to have a modern online store. Your store's simple user interface doubles the shopping pleasure for customers. In addition, the simplicity of searches, high speed, and hassle-free shopping process give your visitors the best user experience and turns them into regular customers.

It will be easy with SEO leaders
The internal search engine of Selldone Store Builder allows your online stores to rank higher in search engines. As a result, the amount of organic traffic will increase, followed by the number of visitors. With an automated SEO engine, Selldone has provided an SEO-based marketing strategy; It is enough to experience building an online store on this platform.

Your frequently asked questions

How much programming information do you need to work with Selldone?

You do not need any programming knowledge to set up your store in Selldone. Selldone has prepared everything for you; So do not think about coding and technical knowledge. In Selldone you just have to think about selling!

Do different plugins have to be installed on Selldone Store Builder to implement the store?

In Selldone you do not need to install WordPress plugins or various plugins. Selldone provides you with all the necessary facilities completely free of charge and has paved the way for you to sell online.

Do I have to have a big business to register in Selldone?

Selldone is optimal for all businesses. Even if you have a small number of sales per month, Selldone is a great option and will accompany you to sell more. If you have big stores, Selldone still has the necessary facilities.

Do we need store templates to build a store in Selldone?

Selldone Store Builder eliminates the need to install store templates. In Selldone, with the help of the page builder feature, you design your desired landing page just by dragging and dropping the elements.

Can I connect the physical store to the online version in Selldone?

Selldone pose system is what you were looking for. With the help of Selldone online store cash register, which integrates with all store tools, including bar code readers and label printers, you follow physical and online sales seamlessly.

Do we have to buy a host to set up an online store in Selldone?

No. You do not need to buy hosting to start your online business. Selldone free cloud hosting is always at your disposal and saves you from the hassle of shared and dedicated hosting.

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