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The most successful companies are good sellers. Selldone lets you sell like the most successful enterprises.

Make Your Business Online, Faster & Better

👋 Modern trade medium to build your socialized commerce.

Trade mediums have been changed forever, and now you can access all-in-one enterprise-grade tools to do it.

👋 Modern trade medium to build your socialized commerce.

Do you want to be a winner in the commerce competition?Thus need the right tools.

Selldone empowers entrepreneurs to build enterprise-grade, custom websites, e-commerce, and community in a hyper-intuitive visual canvas with no code and no plugin.

Do you want to be a winner in the commerce competition?Thus need the right tools.

🧲 All channels in one place.

Gather all sales channels around your brand and harness them in one place.

🧲 All channels in one place.

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Offline 🧷 Online <br>Integration<br>
Offline 🧷 Online

Offer customers a seamless and personalized in‑person and online shopping experience.

Offline 🧷 Online <br>Integration<br>

Manage all your customers, orders, inventory, products, and your team like a superstar business owner.

Customers <br>Engagement

Create an end-to-end customer experience in your socialized business, brand, and community.

Customers <br>Engagement

Always be closing and keep your customers closer to your brand like a rockstar seller.

Social <br>Sales Tools<br>
Sales Tools

Be where your customers are, and drive them through unique social sales tools.

Social <br>Sales Tools<br>

Social networks will be the largest retail channel, so use the right tool like a predictor.

You are unique, so your website should be unique too

All sides of your business are customizable to fit your brand by handy-lovely no-code drag and drop tools.

Brand color

Fully customized style, colors, and gradients to fit your brand and message to market.

Landing pages

Visual canvas editor that allows you to edit web pages even on mobile screens.

Intuitive checkout

By the right choice, do not be one of the 93% of online stores with a high dropout rate!

Smart fitting

Just add your products, then all filters, categories and pages are created automatically.

Success is focusing on what you love to do.

Managing products and stores will be a pleasant experience for you.


Products and inventory management by Drag & Drop in a visual canvas


Learn more about your customers, and their shopping habits

Finance <br>

Real-time financial reports to monitor your business growth

Explore e-commerce platform

Need better rank in Google?
Content is the king, but CMS is the queen.

A professional content management system provides tools for creating engaging and visible content in search engines.

Inline editor
Inline editor<br>

Write and edit content right on the page by the intuitive inline editor

Auto SEO
Auto SEO<br>

Optimize your website SEO with fine-tuned engine

Rich products
Rich products<br>

Make your brand visible with flexible content management tools

Inline page builder

Turn your audience into customers.

In order to grow your business and make more money, you need to get your potential customers to buy.

Discount Codes
Discount Codes<br>

Discount codes and vouchers

Customers Club
Customers Club<br>

Create clubs to encourage your customers

Gift Cards
Gift Cards<br>

Gift cards depending on your needs

Market your business

Forget site builders, if you want to create an online business and monetize it.

Selldone is a commerce platform that includes page builder, CMS, community platform, automation integration, and more.

Forget site builders, if you want to create an online business and monetize it.

Provide the best user experience so that they will ❤ to buy from you.

Create your website backed by enterprise-grade tools, grow your business in one place with all the eCommerce and point-of-sale features.

Ready to Use
Ready to Use<br>

Customized products list by customer

Multiple Views
Multiple Views<br>

Digest info for better choose

Smart Filters
Smart Filters<br>

Smart filter creator

Sell everywhere

shopping flow can be easier and more enjoyable.

Providing an attractive and simple user experience for your customers.

Cart & Billing
Cart &amp; Billing

Super intuitive checkout process

Location & Map
Location &amp; Map<br>

Select shipping address on the map

Payment Flow
Payment Flow<br>

Payment in more than +100 countries

Create a synergic effect between your offline and online business.

Use one tool to manage all your customers, orders, inventory, products, and your team like a superstar business owner—no matter where you are, how much money in your pocket, and how many places you sell from.

Create a synergic effect between your offline and online business.

Make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether you sell your products in the store, online, on Instagram, or on Facebook, Selldone has provided you with the most reliable and best-integrated tools to manage all these sales lights.

Create website — It's free

Make business easy, achievable, and accessible to anyone around the world.

We are on a mission to bring fairness and equality into business by making a lovely platform for all people, no matter who they are and where they live.

Selldone, as an eCommerce platform, operates as an angel for the growth of businesses. Whether you have a small brick-and-mortar store or a large company, you need to showcase your product on the internet. Selldone used to build online stores with lower operating costs and greater flexibility. In addition, we provide an always-improving e-commerce management toolchain that gains new features every week, like integrating store administration and visual programming interface to create custom automation processes or AI integration.
Who are our customers?
They are entrepreneurs that want to start their own business or SMBs who want to turn their traditional business into e-commerce. They are looking for a quick way to sell their products online, but at the same time, they want to have their own brand and promote the site on their own domain. They can not afford to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to set up an online store. Most interact with their customers and sales on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, or Telegram. Because they have worked with free apps that they did not pay directly to them (such as Instagram), it is difficult or strange to pay for an online service.
Where are our customers?
They can be wherever that people can start a business and have access to the Internet. Most of them are probably doing business at home or in shops. Currently, the focus is on the Middle East and Eastern Europe, and English-speaking developing countries.
What do our customers want?
They want an online store with personalized landing pages to set up custom domains without any trouble. They want to add their first product quickly and see it from the customer's view. They also wish to the money transactions directly comes to their account in the shortest possible time. They want ways to communicate with their customers and do not have much time for customer support, so they welcome any way to reduce it. They want to start selling their product ASAP or at least know what steps to take to get customers into their website to start monetizing from selling online. They do not have the patience to read a guide, so they either want to do something themselves without prior knowledge (simple tasks) or ask someone directly (complex tasks).
What do our customers not want?
Online marketing is hard for them! As a result, they prefer to give commission for each sale to others to do all the advertising work instead! (Something like performance marketing) They strongly avoid the initial investment due to the lack of experience and knowledge about their long-term benefits. They have very little time, so they want the process of notifying, receiving, and processing a new order to be as fast and straightforward as possible.
What do our customers need?
Our customers need an all-in-one business operating system to create e-commerce and community in one place. They need great simple tools to harness all sale channels in their business without a hassle and a robust integration between offline and online sales.

Your frequently asked questions

What is a shop builder?

Selldone is a free shop builder platform that helps small to large businesses create and run a modern and professional online store.

Why should I choose an online store builder?

We believe everyone deserves to begin selling online at a free price. Since we cooperate with international service providers such as stripe, DHL, American Express, etc., we can provide Selldone with a wide range of rich features and functionalities for free. Such strategic partnerships accelerate Selldone's innovation and development for shop owners to grow their business faster, simpler, and more flexible.

Which kind of businesses can use eCommerce software?

As regards, Selldone has a reliable and robust infrastructure for all forms of businesses, including goods, services, files, and digital products. We highly recommend every company to join Selldone.

Should I employ a team or freelancers to build my store?

Selldone is an excellent way for people with no technical knowledge to build an online store. This user-friendly platform enables every shop owner without employing developers or freelancers to build up an online shop. We have created drag and drop tools for simplifying the store, taking steps to improve this operation.

How do I get started with my online store?

Create an account, then choose the right name for the shop and fill in the information for your business. Now you're ready to start adding products to your online store. For more hints and tips, we've incorporated a range of articles and videos on the “Help” page that will help you through the design of your online store.

I’m a beginner, Is it simple to add products to my online shop?

There is an easy process to add new products to your online store. Just add a description and price, upload a picture, and publish. You can choose to add more advanced features if you wish, but getting started is easy.

What payment methods does Selldone cover?

Selldone accepts payments from all major payment providers, including Stripe or PayPal, to ensure that every transaction is safe and secure. You can easily define your online shop payment methods and set limits based on order values, position to order, etc. You can also apply charges depending on these limitations.

What can I do for shipping?

Your delivery can be customized to your business policies. You can ship all products free of charge, or free delivery for orders over a specified price, or shipping costs can be adjusted according to certain logistic costs. Depending on the size, weight or price or adjustment to international product prices, you can also incur various shipping charges.

What Is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework that provides standards for gathering and storing personal information from European Union (EU) citizens. Since the Regulation applies regardless of where websites are located, all pages attracting European visitors must be taken into account, even if they do not directly sell products or services to EU residents.

What types of privacy data does the GDPR protect?

• Biometric data • Racial or ethnic data • Political opinions • Basic identity information such as name, address and ID numbers • Web data such as location, IP address, cookie data and RFID tags • Health and genetic data • Sexual orientation

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