Serverless cloud hosting for businesses

Build your online business for scale from zero

Build for scale on Google Cloud by the no-code hassle-free powerful platform.

Serverless cloud hosting for businesses

Unlimited cloud storage space & transfer.

You can store enormous amounts of images, videos, products, and more, without worrying about running out of megabytes.

Unlimited <u>cloud storage</u> space &amp; transfer.<br>

Serverless computing  that scales with your business.

Hosting your website on the same network as Spotify, Twitter, Snapchat, and Vimeo.

Serve your online presence to +10 million users per minute

Multi custom domains.
All—in—one place.

Set your website on several domains and subdomains by different home pages. You can have a store on and at the same time have your blog on and community on; all on one platform.

Multi custom domains.<br>All—in—one place.

Increasing security, reliability, stability, and decreasing the cost.

Migrate to production-ready cloud-based business experiences without coding.

Increasing security, reliability, stability, and decreasing the cost.<br>

Support 24/7
Your business is lives!

Create free and professional eCommerce with the production-ready, eye-catching auto shop, blog, community generator, free reliable cloud hosting, powerful SEO engine, and 24/7 customer care.

Plug & Play.
Independent & Localized.

Selldone was designed from scratch to set up and launch in different countries! Although there is a Selldone Global Service, some countries do not have access to international services due to political, cultural, or economic constraints; thus, the local businesses must use local services! Currently, the Selldone are working in two zones utterly independent of each other. We can publish Selldone entirely according to the conditions of each country; For example, in Russia, China, and other countries.

<big><big><big>Plug &amp; Play.</big></big></big><br>Independent &amp; Localized.

Access is a right, not a privilege.

For every dollar you pay in Selldone, one person in a part of the world will have access to services and tools to build their business and future without capital constraints or geographical determinism.

Access is a right, not a privilege.<br>

We are on a mission to bring fairness and equality into e-commerce by making a lovely platform for all people, no matter who they are and where they live.

API-based business OS loved by developers.

Powerful hosting and monitoring APIs for developers to create amazing applications and connect other software to Selldone.

API-based business OS loved by developers.

Selldone is more than just an eCommerce platform, it’s a complete operating system for your business.

Choose cloud-based hosting solutions, so no matter where your audience comes from, your site will load fast.

Start a business on the web
To start your online business, you need a brand that you should also use in your domain name. There are several strategies for choosing a domain. Some believe that the best letters indicate the type of activity of a business; But for example, the name of the best bookselling site is not; It's Amazon! It is better to think a little more to choose a brand name and domain. Because all your customers are supposed to remember this name. If you have chosen your name, you no longer have a long way to go to launch your online store. Selldone Store Builder has made it possible for you to choose any name for your domain. After purchasing the domain, it is enough to change the DNS settings so that your domain name is hosted by the servers of the hosts. In addition, you can use the default domains in Selldone and do not pay any cost to buy the domain. On the other hand, Selldone allows you to connect multiple dedicated domains to your online store in Selldone, depending on the type of subscription you need. Selldone has a new hosting for its vendors, which is a constant support to their stores. There is no news about shared, dedicated, or semi-dedicated hosts in Selldone. We have provided you with the latest resource protection technology in Selldone, called cloud hosting.

You no longer need to buy hosts with Selldone
Many sellers are thinking of buying hosts to start their online business. In fact, hosting is the first step in starting an online business; Because it protects your resources. But smart sellers have not been looking for the hassle of buying hosts for years; Because with cloud hosting, there is no more trouble. If you have never heard of cloud hosting, it is time to dump her and move on. This all-in-one hosting supports the consistent stability of services and minimizes downtime for your site or online store. You do not need to follow it to use cloud hosting; We provide you with free cloud storage. What could be better than this ?!

High security of information in cloud hosting
The security of cloud hosting is exemplary against shared and dedicated hosting. Your resources and information in Selldone are supported by cloud hosting by a powerful server; So you will never lose your information and a copy of all your online store resources will always remain on one of the servers. In addition to hosts, unlimited cloud space is provided to the vendor to back up products and data automatically. Selldone knows and meets all your needs.

Cloud hosting multiplies the loading speed of your store
Another benefit of this new technology is the speed with which it loads your website. A cloud host makes optimal use of server resources; So even if multiple websites use it, each website only takes up as many resources as it needs. This allows them to always use a cloud host optimally. As a result, you will no longer see the slow upload speed of your online store. This issue plays a significant role in online sales today; Because most customers are looking for a store to buy from without any problems.

Never be out of reach of your audience with cloud hosting
Cloud hosting is supported by multiple servers, which makes cloud hosting a professional host for you; Because these hosts will never be out of reach even when upgrading and repairing the service. In fact, when different servers need to be repaired, this repair is done on different servers in turn so that there is no interruption in loading the website.

Selldone cloud hosting is free
Cloud hosting is the latest technology used in the web world. These hosts will soon replace the former troublesome hosts; Because despite its numerous benefits, it has also reduced costs. The choice is yours to start your internet business by buying cloud hosting and other problems or start this path with Selldone and turn your online business upside down with the positive feature of free cloud hosting.

Your frequently asked questions

What is cloud hosting?

You need a host to enter the web world, and different hosts do this for your website. Cloud hosting is a new technology in the Internet space that supports multiple servers and makes various services more stable.

Why use cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting has many advantages over other types of hosting. The multi-server nature of these hosts makes the services more stable and the loading speed of different websites is multiplied. In addition, data security is higher in these hosts; Because there is always a copy of your information on a server.

Do I have to pay to use Selldone cloud hosting?

Selldone Store Builder provides its cloud hosting to its sellers for free. In Selldone, you need to pay a separate fee for using cloud hosting, free cloud hosting to boost your online business.

Does Selldone Store Builder allow the use of a dedicated domain?

Selldone has made it possible for users to define a dedicated domain according to the designs. In Selldone, you can connect your own domain to your online store. Connecting your domain has only 2 steps. Enter the selected domain and set the DNS to be supported on the server servers.

What domains can I choose for my online store in Selldone?

The choice of the domain in Selldone is completely free. If your business is not yet large enough to define a dedicated domain for it, you are free to use the default domains of Selldone. Use default domains and connect your own domain to your online store whenever you want.

Can I change the address of visitors to my store?

Yes. By connecting your personal domain to Selldone, you can set the login address of your store different from the address structure of Selldone.