Create Your Ecommerce App from Scratch By A Free No-Code Ecommerce App Builder

Mobile share of total ecommerce is more than 70%

Build mobile apps for your business without coding, and be in the next 70% worldwide Ecommerce game.

Create Your Ecommerce App from Scratch By A Free No-Code Ecommerce App Builder

Mobile apps are reshaping ecommerce and retail.

With a team of rockstars mobile experts, we make sure your customers have access to the best user experience in your shopping app and maximize engagement with gamification, push notifications, and other solutions.

Mobile apps are reshaping ecommerce and retail.

The Native. Shopping app experience.Create a unique experience for your unique business.

One no-code zero-setup free application builder platform fits your business.

The Native. Shopping app experience.Create a unique experience for your unique business.

Ready to Publish.Apps are ready to publish on App stores.

Download ready to publish signed apps by your Keystore.

Ready to Publish.Apps are ready to publish on App stores.

Great user experience with the smart UI / UX.

Seamless integration with your shopping store and POS.

Great user experience with the smart UI / UX.

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An intuitive and seamless experience for the end-users.

You can create an intuitive and seamless experience for your audience with an ecommerce no-code app builder.

Why should you get a mobile ecommerce app?
The advantages of mobile apps are more than a responsive website accessible in mobile browsers. In ecommerce applications is much more convenient for the customer while shopping. The best way to connect with your potential customers is to interact with them in the best ways possible, like providing an application that deploys their mobile features. The best part about the Selldone app maker is that it enables you to create your mobile app using the auto-update and live synchronization feature. No need to worry about updating, debugging, or maintaining your mobile application and web store individually. When you make changes to your Selldone store, all contents get updated on your mobile app automatically; There is no need to prepare two different catalogs.

Enhance your customer engagement and loyalty
Your mobile app users are twice as likely to return to your store within 30 days than users who access your website in a mobile browser.

Boost conversion rates
Ecommerce applications conversion rates are 3x higher as compared to mobile websites and 1.5x higher than desktop sites.

A better user experience by reducing response time
Applications are usually 1.5x faster than mobile websites, and they perform actions much quicker too. Although apps connect to Selldone servers just like websites do, there are 8x fewer data transmitted between a server and customers' applications than between servers and their browsers. Simple navigation, satisfactory UX, and intuitive user interface are the perfect recipes for fruitful conversions. Consequently, apps retrieve data much faster.

Higher average shopping value
Mobile apps generate 1.5x more revenue than mobile sites and 1.3x more than desktop sites. The reason for this is features like push notifications, an easy payment process, and 1-click ordering.

Lower shopping cart abandonment-rate
A significant issue in ecommerce is shopping cart abandonment! It's one thing to persuade customers to add items to their carts and another thing entirely to lead them to complete checkout. Selldone made many fixes for these issues within your ecommerce store; however, you can also significantly reduce the number of users that abandon carts by creating an ecommerce app.

Better SEO performance by your ecommerce app
You can optimize your application on app stores to rank you highly in search results and ensure your application's success via application optimization tricks. Your app can be worthwhile in two ways, your in-Selldone app content and your Selldone web content.

Your frequently asked questions

What is Selldone Application Developer?

Selldone Free Store Builder, in addition to the features provided for your store web page, has provided its sellers with the possibility of designing and creating an extraordinary store application by presenting its application builder. With Selldone application maker services, you can easily set up your mobile store and expand your customer base day by day.

Do I need special knowledge to build my store application in Selldone?

Contrary to many people's beliefs, building a store application in Selldone does not require any special expertise. You do not need to know Android coding or programming in different languages to design your mobile store; Everything is done by the developer and professional group of Selldone and you will easily receive the download link of your application in just a few simple steps.

What are the features of the store application in Selldone?

Your store application, designed and built by Selldone, provides the best user experience for your customers. Search in this program is fast and simple and customers can compare different products. In addition, the payment process is followed without any challenge. The ultimate UI / UX of your store app in Selldone provides a simple, responsive, and fast user interface that keeps the pleasant taste of using the app in the user's mind.

Can the Selldone store application be published in App Stores?

To design and prepare your store application in Selldone, you have a few simple steps ahead that do not require special programming. In the last step, when your application is ready, its download link will be sent to you. Selldone prepares applications based on the instructions of reputable app stores such as Google Play so that you do not have any problems publishing them in different app stores. Your store application can be published in various stores.

What effect does the store app have on sales?

These days, most potential shoppers of online stores prefer to search through mobile phones to find the products they want. So to compete seriously with your competitors, you need to get into the mobile business as soon as possible. Various statistics show that a high percentage of purchases belong to mobile purchases; So it may not be enough to just have a store website in a few years to stay online.

Are my app and website in Selldone connected?

The web version of your online store in Selldone is fully synchronized with the mobile version. In fact, any changes you make to your online store will instantly add or subtract to your store app version. This great feature allows users and customers to follow different shopping processes differently without worrying about losing information.

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