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Anis Kalantari
Written by Anis Kalantari
Posted on January 04, 2023

Are you drawing your inspiration from jewelry? 

If you are just getting started your business in jewelry, you can grow your online store with powerful platforms. Whether you are interested in the lucrative business of gold, silver, gem, or even the artificial jewelry industry, you can sell all your items online. Hereby, you run your home-based jewelry business through an e-commerce store.

Your online jewelry marketplace will be your customized website. Your customers take the virtual tour to your luxury online market from the comfort of their domicile. You showcase your pieces of jewelry at their absolute best. This is through your online jewelry store that you offer all your customers various designs, styles, and materials. Thus, it is easy to run a jewelry business online. Your new products are just a click away!

So, itโ€™s time to work smarter not harder! You need a website builder platform to stand out in the online market. is what you benefit from. Selldone assists you to be an online jewelry business owner. Today, website design is a very important factor that increases your online visibility. Selldone is an e-commerce platform that transfers your rank to be a within-reach internet-based marketplace. Selldone works free for you!

Make your e-commerce jewelry website

It is more profitable to start your online jewelry store. There you can work out your jewelry business ideas and start selling your items. You can provide a variety of styles and materials from gold, diamond, silver, and copper, to even gorgeous handmade pieces.

To create your amazing jewelry business, you should pick a suitable platform as your online store builder. There are many e-commerce platforms for jewelry such as Selldone, Shopify, Wix, etc. One of the great providers for jewelry website design is Selldone. In this way, there are some key factors in this area that are necessary to consider. The following aspects are very significant to be included:

  • Upload your available jewelry items.

  • Use great photos

  • Write clear jewelry descriptions

  • Mention the exact prices

  • Think of a distinctive design for your website. Your website must be designed as eye-catching as your jewelry.

  • The number of pages

  • Map out each page your site

  • Invest time in promoting the quality of your web pages.

  • Have jewelry portfolio

  • Categorize different jewelry based on their types whether necklaces, rings, bracelets, or the like.

  • Consider the regular fresh content

  • FAQs

  • Contact us

  • About us

  • Do not forget privacy and policy for your website.

  • Assign clear conditions and terms for shipping, tax, and refunds.

  • Design special logo

  • Work on your brand image, identity, and name

  • Use payment gateways and online payments

  • Apply/design transaction processing

  • Use prominent CTAS (Call to Actions)

  • Promote your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Tik Tok, etc.

  • Allocate monthly budget on SEO

Sell online jewelry successfully with an enterprise e-commerce website builder

Your website is what sets the first impression. If you employ website builder software, you will be a game-changer for the industry of jewelry. After building a website for your business, you can attract your clients, present your products, and lead them to add jewelry pieces into the shopping carts.

An online jewelry store not only helps you to draw the attention of a new customer but also boosts you in retaining the previous ones. Simply, you can take control of your jewelry sales with a powerful e-commerce platform. Through employing e-commerce tools, you can take advantage of the best-in-class online services to be unique.

Benefits of creating an e-commerce jewelry store website

  • Managing your online market from everywhere.

  • Editing the new information of your new pieces of jewelry.

  • Administrating your inventory

  • Tracking your shipping labels.

  • Get in touch with your clients when you are on the go.

Sell handmade jewelry online

Making handmade and artificial jewelry is turning into a growing business. Thereby, selling jewelry online is a profitable job. The online marketplace helps you to showcase your unique art and style. Today, the digital world has accelerated the growth of the jewelry business. Online selling platforms do make everything more user-friendly and far more advanced.

Handmade jewelry sells well if you consider certain points including:

  • gift vouchers

  • discount codes

  • gala occasions

You can exhibit your beautifully engraved jewelry handmade items on your online website. As far as the importance of your matchless pieces, photography is also worthwhile.


If you work within the jewelry industry, you shouldnโ€™t ignore the importance of creating an e-commerce website for selling your items. Selldone is a safe software platform where you can build your website jewelry. Owning e-commerce will help you to celebrate the growth of your brand and better sales. You will increase your online jewelry business not only within your local neighborhood but also far-fetched customers can reach you.

In the following part, we are going to answer the most frequently asked questions.

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How can I start an online jewelry business from home?

You can increase your income if you start your online jewelry business. The best strategy is to create an e-commerce website. It is a superb way to open your small business to many clients. After building your online shop, this is important to decide on your business model and understand your customerโ€™s needs.

How can I run a small online jewelry business?

At the early stage, you should invest time in working on the available content of your website. Get all your jewelry store up. Try to provide clear images and descriptions. Use eye-catching CTAs. Tell your brand story on your โ€˜About us' page. Promote your social medial channels. Your customers will find you gradually worldwide.

How can I build a jewelry business online for free?

You should choose the free e-commerce platforms. You can employ free website builders like Selldone. Then, you start designing your online store.

How do I begin a handmade jewelry business online?

You need to showcase your available portfolio. Provide useful and valuable information for your website. Make your e-commerce website customizable. This helps you to make your customersโ€™ orders based on their taste.

How do I discover the best marketplaces to sell costume jewelry online?

The number of online marketplaces is a lot. It depends on the types of jewelry that you are going to sell. You need to profile your jewelry business at the time of selecting your marketplace. Also, consider the logistics, jewelry design, and price.

Anis Kalantari
Written by Anis Kalantari
Published at: December 14, 2021 January 04, 2023

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More insight about Create Your Store with Best Jewelry Website Builder