Keep Your Blogs Trendy: How to Create Unique Blog Ideas

Anis Kalantari
Written by Anis Kalantari
Posted on March 02, 2022
Are you always concerned about finding a unique idea for your content?

Are you always concerned about finding a unique idea for your content? If you are tired of writing about repeated and similar topics for your blog posts, stay tuned with me to the end. I also wrote a blog post and listed actionable content marketing tips, if you need to read more about content marketing I also suggest reading that post.

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How to find unique bog ideas?

As a blogger, I would like to tell you how I find and create my blog ideas.

1. Ask your clients.

You may like to enquire about details or other types of information from your clients. You can ask about their viewpoints, decisions, and experiences using your products and services. It is good to ask your questions and classify them for further analysis. The information that you receive from your clients is a good guide for the upcoming strategic planning.

2. Set brainstorm sessions over various topics with your team.

Group brainstorming is highly productive. During brainstorming sessions, you capture many good opinions, discuss the topics, and you can pick the best ideas in the end. The excellent point of brainstorming sessions is that many diverse and creative ideas are brought together.

3. Search for the hot topics.

Trending and hot topics are the best strategies to absorb your users' attention. Many online users type these topics in the search bars. In another sense, such topics are people's concerns. Thus, they increase your website's traffic as soon as you post your blogs.

4. Analyze your competitors' blogs.

When you analyze your competitor's blogs, you will understand many important structures. First and foremost, you capture many ideas from their recent blogs. Moreover, you get to know about their content strategy. You may also like to compare and analyze their tactic, level of engagement, and performance.

5. Narrow down the previous topics.

You can still benefit from the previous topics you wrote about before. Now, you have to focus on the narrowed-down ideas. That is to say; you should elicit the newer ideas from the previous blogs.

6. Use Google autocomplete.

When you type a keyword in the search bar, the search engine (or Google) suggests your other predictive words and phrases. This is famous as Google autocomplete or 'word completion'. All in all, if you are a blogger, this technique is useful for looking up new ideas.

7. Use Google Trends.

Google Trends is one of the best websites to find popular keywords. This is an analytical website because it uses graphs and bars charts to compare search volumes. This website is helpful because it also shows you the current trendy searches.

8. Keep a list of relevant keywords.

When you are finished with your research, you can keep a list of all the relevant keywords. It is essential if you do so. When writing your blog, you do not repeat one or two keyword/s. You rescue your text from keyword suffocation. So, you will use the relevant equivalences.

9. Benefit from the 'Trending Ideas' on Pinterest.

Pinterest is full of trending ideas. This website is used by many users all over the world. You can find great ideas here by typing your keywords and looking at the Pinterest autocomplete.

10. Narrate your happy customers' stories.

An excellent topic to write about is the story of your happy customers. You can set an interview with them and narrate their experience. Indeed, you transfer an excellent feeling to other visitors of your website. These 'experience blogs' are good topics and increase the credibility of your website.

11. Go directly to Quora.

Quora is an American public website. Many people use it. They ask their questions and find relevant and helpful answers. By scrolling this webpage, you will find many exciting topics and keywords for your blogs. You can read the comments and answers to gain new ideas.

12. Participate in conferences and events.

If you are such a blogger who likes to be present in the various occasional event and famous people's conferences, you can find new ideas from the lecture's speech.

13. Prepare "Year in Review" posts.

Another good idea is to let others know about the ups and downs, the challenges, and the happening in your workplace during the previous year. Indeed, many people like to know the stories of your success, win, and difficulty. You can post some blogs under "Year in Review" titles.

14. Search for trendy hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

If you are interested enough, you can search trendy hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. People generally use them for their more visibility on social media platforms. You can benefit from these hashtags a lot.

Why is the unique idea significant?

Unique ideas make your content valuable. Thus, valuable content makes your website more authenticated. Don't forget that you write for readers, users, and subscribers. You have to engage them with exciting topics.

As the content producer, you transfer your mentality, opinion, and experience to your readers. So, never undervalue them. You can keep your online visitors with unique ideas that you will publish.

Furthermore, generate original, inspirational, and operational ideas. Just know that originality, inspiration, and operation keeps your content unique and evergreen.

Final Note
Writing is a process. It would help if you looked up new and unique ideas. Start the process with a search for great ideas and topics. Then, go through the blog content itself. Finally, proofread and edit what I have already prepared.
By the way, do not repeat what others mentioned in their blog post. Always remain fresh and unique. Please take it as your strategy.

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Which topics are best for blogging?

There are various topics that you can write about them. It is a good strategy to find a niche and work over that. Also, the greatest topics for blogging include marketing, technology, sales, education, web designing, development, etc.

How can you make your blog interesting and unique?

First and foremost, you need to be an expert on the title you picked to write. That's because you will find your particular readers. They will subscribe to you if you write original blogs. Furthermore, you can create your blogs about the trendiest and hot topics.

What are the five common types of blogs?

Blogs are classified into five types. They include personal blogs, news blogs, affiliate blogs, niche blogs, and business blogs.

What makes a successful blog?

The strategy that a blogger uses to write is essential. Be consistent in your writing. Use an active voice. Try to find a clear niche for your writings.

Anis Kalantari
Written by Anis Kalantari
Published at: March 02, 2022 March 02, 2022

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More insight about Keep Your Blogs Trendy:How to Create Unique Blog Ideas