A Comprehensive Guide for Using the Best Free Stock Photo Websites

Anis Kalantari
Written by Anis Kalantari
Posted on April 13, 2022
Always searching for a free photo? Want high-quality images for your career?

Always searching for a free photo? Want high-quality images for your career? Join me in this blog now!

Today, I would like to talk about the best free websites to download stock photos. I will explain the pros and cons of some favorite free websites. After reading this blog post, I hope that I will be successful in helping you to go directly to the best free website for downloading photos.


This website has no limitation for downloading the images. You can use the photos for both personal and commercial projects. You will find many fascinating pictures which are continually updated. They are not clichรฉ at all.

Everybody can find great photos here because they fit various tastes. The style of the images is versatile. You can browse for your interest. The themes and collections are broad enough to meet your needs on

You may like to narrow down your desired photo by searching the particular topic in the search box. The categories of this website include animals, fashion, nature, city, food, drinks, architecture, objects, and people.

The exciting thing about the website owners is that they are only three photographers. These enthusiastic guys do upload their best shots every week.

2. Picography

You will find many free license photos on this website. This website enables you to download as many high-resolution and royalty-free images as you want.

I like the images because they transfer the senses of energy and liveliness to the onlookers. The categories are vast: wildlife, food, objects, technology, festive, landscape, music, sport, art, design, etc.

Many users surf this website to download business, people, technology, and scenery images.

You can find the name of the photographers, too.

3. Freepik

As a famous and broad source of free stock pictures, Freepik is used by many users worldwide. It offers the best and very creative, high-quality visual content. Most of them consist of illustrations, presentation templates, mockups, images, and icons.

Freepick Company is well known as the worldโ€™s image bank. The company has professional content creators, including photographers and designers.

If you are a photographer, you can upload your photos on the website and earn money. The website works on the subscription model. The users can receive the recent photos whenever they wish.

Freepick is attractive to everyone!

4. Shutterstock

The other well-known website where you can find stock photos is Shutterstock. The contents on this website are licensed. You can find illustrations, images, photographs, vectors, videos, and music.

Every week much new content will be uploaded on the website. To download some of the content, you have to pay. The payment is fair because it offers you many other tools and options.

5. StyledStock

StyledStock is full of beautiful free images about the lifestyle of women. This stock photo website is feminine.

The website owners allow you to use and share the photos for commercial and non-commercial purposes. However, the website policy limits you from immoral and pornographic usage.

You canโ€™t resell the photos and pile them on your stock photo website. Moreover, you have to claim photo ownership if you edit, resize, and change the colors of each.

6. Vecteezy

The visual contents are always fresh in Vecteezy. Here, you can download many amazing photos, well-designed vectors, and stunning videos. Everything is highly creative on this website. The worry-free licensing download also works truly for many unlocked images.

Vecteezy has both free and paid stock photos. This website provides you with many unlimited free stock images. However, many other pro contents are locked down due to the defined policy of the website owners. In this sense, you must subscribe to the paid membership.

If you are a pro content subscriber, you will have full access to commercial rights of elsewhere visual content publishing. You are assisted with priority support.

If you are a photographer, you can send some of your best shots to the review board and start to work after you get accepted. By the way, you will earn payment for each download. The same opportunity is available for illustrators and designers also. This website has many job openings.

What are the best general features of a stock photo website?

Whenever you tend to download images from stock websites, paying attention to some features is essential. Otherwise, you get lost in a world of numerous photos. In my opinion, the most significant features include the following:

  • royalty-free license
  • budget-friendly
  • very high quality
  • unique, distinctive, and fresh imagery
  • present niche-like concepts
  • subscription-based service
  • unlimited downloading
  • natural-looking photos

Now, what is the best stock photo website?

Each of the stock mentioned above photo websites has a particular incomparable feature with the other one. First and foremost, choose to meet your requirements.

Based on my previous experience, I prefer Freepik. I explained some of the features there above. Freepik is a real user-friendly free stock photo website. You will find the trendy images very soon on this website.

Final Note
As you can see, thereโ€™s a growing number of fantastic resources for stock photography. These websites have become a blessing for designers, marketers, and bloggers. No need to rely on cheesy stock photos anymore!

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What do stock photos mean?

Stock photos refer to those visual content prepared for free usage. Sometimes, they can be either licensed. You can find them on image library websites. The best websites that provide your stock images are Freepick, Vecteezy, and StyledStock.

Is Freepik legal?

Freepik provides you with as many images as you like. You can download and use the photos for your personal and commercial purposes. However, you have to credit the author. It means that you should mention that Freepik designs the photo.

What are the most popular stock photos?

Many users download stock photos based on their needs. However, the most popular stock photos are about birthdays, Christmas Eve, motherโ€™s day, wedding anniversaries, marketing, and business.

Why is Shutterstock popular?

It is popular because of the high-quality pictures and reasonable pricing. It is famous as the vast library where one can easily find great stock photos. Alongside images and illustrations, you can find music and video clips too.

Anis Kalantari
Written by Anis Kalantari
Published at: March 06, 2022 April 13, 2022

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More insight about A Comprehensive Guide for Using the Best Free Stock Photo Websites