Our Story - How a Startup Gets First Customers and Get Feedback to Achieve Product-Market Fit!?

Written by Pajuhaan
Posted on August 18, 2021

What's your game?

If we do not know exactly all aspects of the problem, we can not find the right solution. Our goal is to achieve product-market fit; For this, we need early adopters and beta testers to test our product and give us feedback. Doing these steps is time-consuming and costly! How many people do you know who take the time to test your service carefully and give you accurate feedback !? How much money do you have for this !? While your competitors are spending millions of dollars on this. If you do not have access to these funds like us, then what is the solution to compete with giants?

We will game by different rules in the brutal field of commerce platforms, especially when our competitors spend tens and hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising in all channels. Word of mouth is the most crucial channel for us to acquire new merchants. Our success in gaining this powerful sales channel without spending a single dollar of advertising or influencer marketing is because of putting money on product development and achieving Product-Market-Fit in nano niche markets worldwide that has always been overlooked. Building a community and creating common values is the plan to build a marketing machine for Selldone. It may be slow, it may not make big waves, media may not write about it, but no one can ignore it. When we put our users at the center of product design, we knew there would be many feature requests, which had not been achieved before on other platforms. They were frustrated with the previous experiments, the cost, and the lousy appearance of their websites. Although some of these merchants used the largest eCommerce and site builder platforms, their site output did far from their expectations. Our playground, rules, and value proposition are "Zero setup cost to turn ideas into a successful online business by creating and offering a handly lovely product that anyone with any knowledge and any budget can have a beautiful site with professional sales and marketing tools." Literally, we put enterprise-grade tools in the hands of ordinary people. The beauty of Selldone design is in the DNA, core, and middle layers of this platform. Adding any services on this powerful core takes little time from us! That's why we considered strange demands from merchants and buyers and created great tools to meet their wants, such as Avocado, Hyper, publishing tools, and the community builder platform! These changes made us find ourselves shifting from the eCommerce platform to the business OS. We game in an unusual way because rules not fair for many people around the world! They have significant problems in accessing tools, resources, and knowledge. They try to overcome difficulties, and Selldone will be a piece of the solution. Why did we choose this path and think that we can accomplish this mission better than anyone else? Because when other companies thrive in the biggest capitalist economy in history, we were in the worst, one of the worst places in the world! We learned that We should break the rules, move forward, and create a new game if the previous is unfair.

We design a system around our customers; slow but effective.

The clients who always have a request and want more; take us forward and illustrate the path.
The clients who always have a request and want more; take us forward and illustrate the path.

What goals are you trying to reach?

You are looking for new customers to test your product. Achieving the product-market fit is a challenging and time-consuming process, one of the needs to accomplish this goal is to have data and feedback from real customers from all around the world. The culture, language, and behavior of users are very different, and we need to attract users with a lot of cultural diversity. We may target specific segments of these users at this stage, but we need to gather new feedback and demands for future decisions and product design in future steps.

Which strategy fits your resources, market, and customer demands?

Clear customer acquisition strategy | zero-dollar strategy!

Our users are promoting straight to their network, usually in person or on social media, which makes word of mouth cost-effective and highly valuable for us. Accordingly, we invest in building a close connection with our customers rather than invest merely the numbers of clients. That is why word-of-mouth is often mentioned in Selldone success stories.

Business is more like a marathon than a sprint!
Business is more like a marathon than a sprint!

We assign considerable time to resolve Joeโ€™s problems in making his online store. Joe talks to Kim about his experience with Selldone and brings her into Selldone. We Support Kim, Kim introduces Selldone to Rose, we support Rose, Rose describes her story and drives Elena to Selldone. And this is an endless road.

Make your business supper happy with our happy product

Filling this gap between the need of the majority of sellers to sell online and having an online store without the need to hire experts and spend the initial cost is the primary philosophy behind the Selldone team's efforts.

An exclusive experience for all

Put your users in the center of your business! This is very important! When you are growing up, you need users who value your product, and this is only possible when they feel that they are receiving this respect and attention from you. So have a close relationship with early users. This is exactly what we did! We did not have costly product testing structures (QA) but instead had a close and strong relationship with our early users, which prevent them to be discouraged if they encountered a problem with the product and to stay with us and feedback.

What do we do? Exclusive merchant's experience for all All enterprise-grade tools is available for all merchants, even lifetime free accounts!

Ask people to join your vision

Do not underestimate the power of the people. You may not have access to many resources when you read this article, but you will always find a number of enthusiastic people around you. These people are exactly what you need. If you have a network of people in your local market, and you put in your time and energy to build a community, you will definitely get great feedback and this is where you will use the power of people to grow your business. Never forget that the product should be made for people and not for investors!

Have a clear vision


The main power is in the hands of small companies that are creating value worldwide. The multi-thousand-dollar costs of designing, building, programming, buying plugins, and expert advice for online businesses must go down in history.

Have the right message to the market

Messaging is your most important thing to the market! Even more important than the product! Sometimes the difference between a super-successful product and other products is in the message it conveys. Suppose we were to introduce Selldone as an online shop builder or site builder! This is what Shopify, Wix, and ... are! But Selldone has a different product and it was very important that our message to the market be completely different from them.

What happens if people can start their online business with 0$!? Our mission is to make business easy, achievable, and accessible to anyone around the world.

Make Your Business Online By The Best Noโ€”Code & Noโ€”Plugin Solution In The Market.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Say goodbye to your low online sales rate!

Written by Pajuhaan
Published at: June 23, 2021 August 18, 2021

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More insight about Our Story - How a Startup Gets First Customers and Get Feedback to Achieve Product-Market Fit!?