Commerce SDK & Components - Create Ultimate Custom Ecommerce and New SaaS

Written by Pajuhaan
Posted on July 23, 2023

The world of ecommerce has seen tremendous growth over the years, with an increasing number of businesses and entrepreneurs taking advantage of digital platforms to sell their products and services. However, as online commerce becomes more competitive, businesses need to create unique, personalized online storefronts with a highly unique experience to stand out. Start selling by creating a website and using a template maybe worked in the past decade, but there are two significant problems with templates and page builders:

1. The Lack of Uniqueness in Templates: Despite the vast number of ecommerce businesses, approximately 80% of them (excluding those with over $1B GMV) rely on just 30 popular templates. This widespread usage of similar templates does little to set them apart from their competitors.

2. The Trade-Off Between Templates and Functionality: Investing in the creation of multiple templates for ecommerce platforms, including outsourcing their development, often comes at the expense of functionality. Implementing sophisticated features like those found in Selldone requires thousands of hours of development work, which may be compromised when focusing on template variety.

As you may already know, our approach sets it apart from the rest. Rather than allocating resources to create hundreds of mediocre templates, we focus on a single dynamic and customizable template. BUT IT'S WHAT YOU KNOW SO FAR. If you do some technical investigation on selldone, you will find out that the dashboard, storefronts, homepage, blog, community, and all other platform aspects are built as a SPA (Single Page Application) / PWA (Progressive Web App).

But why? Despite the criticisms and challenges of creating an ecommerce platform this way, selldone has opted for this innovative approach. Many argue that it would be more practical to use OLD STATIC PAGES like other ecommerce platforms, website builders, and service providers. Creating a SPA/PWA-based platform is complex, expensive, unprecedented, and not SEO-friendly, according to the Google algorithm (@ 2018). Nevertheless, Selldone is determined to break the mold and offer a unique solution in the ecommerce industry.

The question arises: Why opt for NEW TECHNOLOGY rather than traditional methods? The answer lies in the current capabilities of selldone: providing the foundation for creating any ECOMMERCE VERTICALS using selldone as the backbone of commerce technology. So this way allows for greater flexibility and customization, setting the stage for unique and diverse ecommerce solutions.

Over the years, our focus has been on developing robust functionality, a strong backend, and a collection of components that enable the creation of ANY KIND OF SERVERLESS APPLICATION with just copy and paste. This approach allows for the implementation of various verticals, not just by our team but also BY YOU! So let's envision the possibilities together.

Welcome to the Selldone SDK, a powerful toolkit that enables developers and entrepreneurs to easily create highly customized ecommerce platforms. In this article, we'll explore the capabilities of the Selldone SDK and how it can revolutionize the ecommerce landscape.


Selldone SDK - A Comprehensive Toolkit for Custom Ecommerce Development

Selldone SDK - A Comprehensive Toolkit for Custom Ecommerce Development

The Selldone SDK is a comprehensive software development kit that contains all the essential components needed to create an online storefront and manage customer authentication. By utilizing the open-source components provided by the SDK, developers can create custom ecommerce platforms tailored to their specific needs.

Designed for Ease of Use

Selldone SDK promises that even individuals with just three months of JavaScript and HTML knowledge can create a fully customized online store within a day. This ease of use makes it an attractive option for developers and entrepreneurs alike, as it significantly reduces the barriers to entry in the ecommerce space.

Limitless Customization and Application Development

Limitless Customization and Application Development

The SDK allows developers to create any kind of customization on the open-source components, enabling them to build different application layers on top of Selldone. This flexibility empowers developers to create highly specialized ecommerce solutions for various verticals and even sell their customized applications as SaaS products.

Innovative SaaS Solutions with Selldone SDK

With Selldone SDK, you can create a wide range of SaaS solutions without writing a single line of backend code. For example, you could develop a subscription service for marketing analysis to sell their content through a dedicated user interface that fits their market. Another possibility is creating a platform to help entrepreneurs sell training courses on their domain through your SaaS and unique paywall user interface - backed by Selldone.


Case Study 1: [Host web app on my backend]

I want to create a SaaS platform enabling market analyzers and companies to sell their signals and content on their domain. My todo list will be:

1- Create an application with Selldone components.

2- Create a website with a home page and onboarding.

3- Define my subscription plans on payment providers (like stripe), do some coding to sell subscriptions, and host my designed web app.

4- Now my users can subscribe to my service, connect their Selldone shop to it, and offer their services through it.

In this scenario, you directly charge your customers, and you have theโ€ฆ

In this scenario, you directly charge your customers, and you have the flexibility to offer more features to your customers. But also, you should handle adding domains and issuing SSL on your backend.

Case Study 2: [Host web app on selldone]

In this scenario, my to-do list will be:

1- Create a tailormade web app with Selldone components.

2- Register as a SaaS owner on Selldone and verify.

3- Deploy my web app on Selldone and charge users via a subscription fee on Selldone.

4- In this setup, your primary responsibility is to develop a web app (frontend). At the same time, Selldone takes care of all the technical aspects, such as domain management, SSL issuance, and web app hosting. This allows you to focus on creating a unique and engaging user experience while Selldone handles the backend complexities.


Imagine Then Build by AI + Selldone

Select a vertical that interests you and aligns with your expertise โ€“ the more specific and niche, the better. Next, utilize Midjourny to design your application layer and request code implementation using Selldone Components. Customize the components to match your design by employing AI services such as ChatGPT, BART, or even our built-in AI offerings (with fine-tuned models provided). Finally, launch your new platform-based business and explore the endless possibilities that come with it.

Final Words

The Selldone SDK is a game-changer in ecommerce and related saas development, offering a powerful toolkit for creating highly customized and versatile online storefronts. Its ease of use and flexibility make it an ideal solution for developers looking to enter the ecommerce space or expand their offerings with innovative SaaS products. By harnessing the power of Selldone SDK, businesses can revolutionize their online presence and drive success in the competitive world of ecommerce.



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Written by Pajuhaan
Published at: June 17, 2023 July 23, 2023

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More insight about Commerce SDK & Components - Create Ultimate Custom Ecommerce and New SaaS