Create Your Own Marketplace for Gaming Peripherals as a Side Hustle in the USA

Raena Mazahernasab
Written by Raena Mazahernasab
Posted on August 21, 2023

Welcome to the world where gaming and business collide! If you love gaming and want to earn extra money, why not create your own online store for gaming gear? This is a fantastic opportunity, especially in the USA, where gaming is huge. In this guide, we'll show you how to turn your passion for gaming into a cool way to make money on the side. You'll learn how to sell gaming peripherals like controllers, headsets, and more. So, let's dive in and explore how you can be part of the gaming excitement while making some cash!

What are examples of the best marketplaces that sell gaming peripherals?

What are examples of the best marketplaces that sell gaming peripherals?

Here are some popular marketplaces where you can find and sell gaming peripherals:

  • Amazon: A well-known platform where you can discover a wide range of gaming peripherals. It's trusted and has a vast customer base.

  • eBay: Another big marketplace where you can buy and sell both new and used gaming peripherals.

  • Newegg: This site specializes in electronics and computer hardware, making it a popular choice for gamers looking for peripherals.

  • Best Buy: A well-established retailer that offers a variety of gaming peripherals both online and in physical stores.

  • GameStop: A place where gamers often trade, buy, and sell gaming equipment, including peripherals.

  • Etsy: While not exclusively for gaming, Etsy is great for unique and handcrafted gaming-related peripherals.

  • Razer Store: Razer's official website offers a variety of high-quality gaming peripherals and accessories.

  • Corsair: Similar to Razer, Corsair's website is dedicated to their gaming peripherals and hardware.

  • Walmart: A widely accessible marketplace where you can find a range of gaming peripherals online and in stores.

How is the market of gaming peripherals in the USA?

The market for gaming peripherals in the USA is thriving due to the rapid growth of the gaming industry. The technological advancements in peripherals, the influence of e-sports, and the widespread gaming culture are also key factors in increasing the demand for gaming products. 

On the other hand, online shopping has made it convenient for gamers to access a diverse range of peripherals, and the innovation in brands and products keeps the market dynamic. With a focus on quality, innovation, and catering to various preferences and budgets, the market offers ample opportunities for those looking to start a side hustle in selling gaming peripherals.

What is the biggest challenge of creating a marketplace for gaming peripherals?

The biggest challenge in creating a marketplace for gaming peripherals is standing out in a competitive market saturated with established players. Gaining the trust of gamers and building a reputation for reliable products, requires strategic marketing. It also needs a deep understanding of the constantly evolving gaming trends and preferences.

How can you draw attention to your gaming peripheral marketplace?

You can draw attention to your gaming peripheral marketplace with a multi-pronged approach. Firstly, focus on offering a curated selection of high-quality, innovative products that cater to diverse gaming preferences and needs. 

You can also get help from social media platforms to showcase your products through visually appealing content. Additionally, you can engage with the gaming community, and run targeted ads. Collaborating with gaming influencers and content creators leads to gaining credibility and widening your reach.

How to find vendors of gaming peripherals and what to look for in them?

To find trustworthy vendors for gaming peripherals, start exploring reputable brands, attend industry events, and use online directories like Alibaba. Seek recommendations from peers and gaming communities. 

You may ask yourself: How to evaluate my vendors? All you need is certain rules and disciplines. Prioritize product quality, diverse offerings, reliability in delivery, and incorporation of innovative technology. Compare pricing, minimum order quantities, and shipping details among potential vendors. 

Also, verify their compliance with certifications and regulations, and look for reviews or references to gauge their reputation. Ultimately, your chosen vendors should align with your commitment to delivering high-quality gaming peripherals to your customers.

What is the return policy for marketplaces in the USA?

Return policies for marketplaces in the USA vary but typically involve offering customers a window, often around 30 days, to return purchased items for a refund or exchange. The products generally need to be in their original condition and packaging. 

Some marketplaces might provide prepaid return labels, while others could require customers to cover return shipping costs. It's advisable for marketplaces to clearly communicate their return policy to customers, including any exceptions or specific requirements for certain products, to ensure transparency and customer satisfaction.

How to support the customers of your marketplace?

To effectively support customers of your gaming peripheral marketplace, consider the following steps:

  • Clear Communication: Provide comprehensive product information, specifications, and usage guidelines on your website. Ensure that customers have a clear understanding of what they're purchasing.

  • Responsive Customer Service: Offer multiple channels for customer inquiries, such as email, live chat, and phone support. Respond promptly to questions, concerns, and feedback.

  • User-Friendly Website: Design an intuitive and easy-to-navigate website where customers can find information, place orders, and track shipments with minimal effort.

  • Detailed FAQs: Create a comprehensive FAQ section addressing common questions about ordering, shipping, returns, and technical support.

  • Warranty Information: Clearly outline the warranty policy for each product, detailing the coverage period and procedures for submitting warranty claims.

  • Return and Refund Process: Provide step-by-step instructions for initiating returns or refunds, along with a dedicated customer portal to track the progress of return requests.

  • Product Reviews and Ratings: Enable customer reviews and ratings to help potential buyers make informed decisions based on real user experiences.

  • Personalization: Tailor recommendations and promotions based on customers' preferences and purchase history to enhance their shopping journey.

  • Post-Purchase Follow-Up: Send post-purchase emails to gather feedback and ensure customers are satisfied with their products. This also provides an opportunity to address any issues that may arise.

  • Community Engagement: Foster a sense of community by organizing forums, social media groups, or online events where customers can connect, share experiences, and seek advice.

What do you need to know about the sales regulation of selling gaming peripherals online in the USA?

When selling gaming peripherals online in the USA, it's important to be aware of sales regulations and legal considerations. These include ensuring accurate product descriptions and pricing, honoring warranties and guarantees, and providing transparent information about shipping costs and delivery times. Adhering to consumer protection laws, such as the Federal Trade Commission's rules against deceptive advertising and unfair business practices, is crucial.

Additionally, compliance with state sales tax laws is essential, as online sellers are often required to collect and remit sales tax on transactions based on the buyer's location. Understanding data privacy and security regulations, like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), is important when handling customer information.

How does Selldone help you build a marketplace for gaming peripherals in the USA?

Selldone is here to give you a hand in running your online business. If you want to create a marketplace for gaming peripherals, you can count on us! Selldone offers you the following features, making your journey as simple as possible:

  • Multi-Vendor marketplace: Selldone helps marketplace owners by letting them easily add and manage as many vendors as they want. Each vendor gets their own special dashboard to control their products, stock, and orders on their own. This makes things run smoothly and helps marketplace owners grow their platforms. Vendors also get a simple and easy way to show and sell their products.

  • Supporting all types of products: The marketplace has the flexibility to include various types of products like physical items, services, virtual goods, and files. This gives the marketplace the ability to attract a wider variety of customers compared to a marketplace that only offers one type of product.

  • Intuitive dashboard for vendors: The vendors' panel has a simple and user-friendly design that helps them manage their orders and handle them quickly and effectively.

  • Auto-payment with Stripe Connect integration: Stripe Connect allows marketplaces to gather payments from customers and automatically distribute a share of those payments to the sellers or vendors.

  • Tax Calculation: With the tax management system, vendors can create and adjust tax rates according to the relevant tax laws. It gives them tools to set up tax rules, which include tax rates for various regions, countries, or specific products and services.

  • Assign locations to the vendors: Marketplaces that focus on specific locations, like home or car rentals, can establish their online store. This setup allows shoppers to easily search, discover, and book or purchase products and services that are available in their vicinity.

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How do I attract sellers to my marketplace?

Offer competitive fees or commissions, provide tools for easy listing management, and highlight the benefits of reaching a targeted gaming audience. Effective marketing strategies can also draw sellers to your platform.

Can I run this side hustle alone?

Running a marketplace can be demanding, especially during growth phases. While you can start alone, consider getting help or collaborating with others to manage various aspects effectively.

How much time and effort will it require as a side hustle?

The amount of time and effort will vary depending on factors like platform complexity, marketing strategies, and growth goals. Initially, expect to invest several hours a week, with the potential for increased commitment as the business grows.

What are the growth prospects for this side hustle?

The gaming industry is growing rapidly, and specialized marketplaces have the potential to thrive. By focusing on user experience, innovation, and effective marketing, your marketplace can capitalize on this growth.

Raena Mazahernasab
Written by Raena Mazahernasab
Published at: August 21, 2023 August 21, 2023

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More insight about Create Your Own Marketplace for Gaming Peripherals as a Side Hustle in the USA