Build Metaverse Ecommerce Like A Game.

Welcome to the universal virtual ecommerce that is facilitated by the use of virtual and augmented reality.

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Build Metaverse Ecommerce Like A Game.

It's The Open-Source Metaverse OS to Unlock Your Idea in The Next World.

Allowing anyone to build VR shopping and deploy them to the Metaverse by game engines and robust financial and business management APIs.

It's The Open-Source Metaverse OS to Unlock Your Idea in The Next World.

Open Universe.Create a meta brand by a seamless, fully API-based platform.

Our team is developing free and open-source SDKs for leading game engines like Unity to bring the power of creating meta-stores on the hand of people and gamers.

Build your meta store.

You can create your business in metaverse as funny and straightforward as playing a game!

Build your meta store.

VR experience for your customers.

We will ensure that we provide the infrastructure for your business ahead of the market.

VR experience for your customers.

Experience direct communication in the virtual world!

You can communicate directly with your customers in incredible ways in the meta-world you created.

Experience direct communication in the virtual world!


Selldone has no revenue model based on ads or data analysis of its merchants and their customers at all.


You can have all kinds of regular payment methods and tokens according to the rules in your virtual world.


we want to build a trustworthy world for businesses and their customers.

Open source
Open source

We provide access to all parts of your store, so developers are free to add new services to your business in the metaverse.

Metaverse Will Reshape Ecommerce Forever.

The future success of brands will be the result of combining multiple technical advances in metverse. The metaverse moves technology from the digital realm into the physical realm, from NFTs to social commerce to augmented and virtual reality.

Metaverse Will Reshape Ecommerce Forever.

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Nowadays, customers' shopping tastes are changing, and they expect more facility and innovation from online businesses. Traditional businesses distinguished that having an ordinary online business is not an intelligent choice anymore.
Offline companies would instead use online branding, sale, and marketing channels.
Soon, ecommerce businessses will become omnichannel, and technologies like Metaverse will reshape the ecommerce market forever. If you think that Metaverse is just a buzzword, you have to review your thoughts. We believe that Metaverse would be the futuristic marketplace's playground. Let's find out how metaverses would find their role in the current ecommerce era.
Metaverse isn't a unique technology with specific aspects. It's an insane idea that humans have created. There are some common misunderstandings that I prefer to mention:
1. "Metaverse" isn't a name for a specific technology, software, or network. Indeed, "The Metaverse" exposes the idea that many companies, universities, and others are working on it.
2. Some active metaverse companies like Roblox and Sandbox have created their metaverses for years, and people use them every day.
3. Some active metaverse companies like Meta and Alphabet haven't launched their metaverses till now, but they invested significantly in their metaverse projects.
4. We can name The Core Idea "The Metaverse" and name all metaverse projects from various companies "metaverses."
5. The Metaverse isn't like technologies like smartphones or headsets. It is a network between users based on XR, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, etc.
Now that we have become more familiar with the Metaverse, let's talk about the future of Ecommerce in the Metaverse era.
Ongun Duman, in an article, "Metaverse: The Future of the Ecommerce," explained how Metaverse Commerce has benefited from the combination of the Ecommerce and Physical Retail:
Ecommerce (Speed + Convenience) + Physical Retail (Personalization + Experience) = Metaverse Commerce
He also listed some benefits of Metaverse Commerce:
* Better Personalized Experience
* Higher Profitability
* Stronger Community Engagement
* Better Customer Insights
* Deeper Customer Experience
* More Global Reach
* Lower Return Rates
I want to describe the benefits of Metaverse Commerce and review the pros of Ecommerce in the Metaverse Era.

Shopping Experience Customization

Customization is one of the trends in products, services, and even marketing and sale campaigns. For instance, one of the revolutionary aspects of 3d printers is the capability to manufacture fully customized products without spending extra money for customization. In other words, in the past, if a manufacturer wanted to create a product for its customers, it had two choices: Mass production of that product to reduce the production cost of each product or take the expenses from customers.
We can find the customization trends in the marketing and sale field! Nowadays, businesses use Big Data, and Machine Learning to mass customize their campaigns. It helps them increase their campaigns rate of investment. But it's the beginning. In the Metaverse, you can do more! Let me show you how customization is a significant part of the Metaverse.
If you have clothes online shopping experience, you experienced a challenge with the clothes size. Even a sizes guide can't be helpful enough. Now imagine that you go to a clothes shop in a metaverse. The salesperson asks you to access your body scan to suggest a suitable cloth. Instantly a queue of clothes will be present, and you can try the clothes you want. Thanks to XR, this process is fast and easy. Probably, the salesperson will use other technologies like machine learning and big data to analyze your shopping experience to customize the models and even the sequence of suggestions and therefore increase successful sales. It's even more than this. Salespersons can customize their store design and decoration to influence more on customers. They can also fit their avatars in harmony with their customized shop and even their customers' tastes. For instance, they may distinguish that a salesperson (that can be a robot) with a Tyrex avatar has the most impact on the customers.

Next Level of Gamification

Merriam-Webster defines Gamification as "the process of adding games or gamelike elements to something (such as a task) to encourage participation."
Today, online businesses are trying to add gamification to their customers' shopping experiences. Commonly, companies and brands follow these goals by using gamification:
* Increase the user engagement time
* Increase brand awareness
* Increase emotional connection between the business and its customers
* Increase the quality of customers' journey
The Metaverse has the potential to open new doors of gamification to businesses. Jon Radoff, the writer of "The Metaverse is Real Gamification," explains that Metaverse is super gamification. Radoff continued: Several years back, I wrote a book called Game On. it was about gamification. I tried to help non-game designers understand what makes games work: that it isn't just feedback mechanisms like points—leaderboards and badges - which was what most gamification writers were discussing at that time.In my book, I predicted that 'gamified' applications that depend exclusively on skinner-box mechanisms like point systems would languish because they failed to incorporate the actual aspects of games that make them fun: emotion, interaction, immersion, aspiration. History has shown me to be right.
Radoff believes that Metaverse is not just the next generation of the internet. It also is the heritage of the video game industry.

Deeper Communication Between Customers

In marketplaces like amazon, customers' comments greatly influence the other potential customers. For this reason, brands are trying to make more and deeper connections with their customers via public relationships, different campaigns, celebrities, and influencers. Metaverse helps ecommerce businesses to hold more creative events without any limitations. In other words, ecommerce businesses have to create a novel experience for their customers instead of selling them things.
SEPHORiA: House of Beauty is an annual event that has been since 2017. More than 30 brands will participate in the event, which comprises five virtual rooms, a Home Theater, streaming masterclasses, a Family Room for roundtable discussions; a Loft for micro-communities; a Sunroom for clean beauty; and a Backyard for get-togethers and celebrations.
SEPHRiA's participants also can play games and win the prizes like a beauty kit. This event let SEPHORiA present other types of content such as videos, podcasts, and courses to its audiences.
Choose Your Metaverse Ecommerce Platform
If you decided to start your ecommerce and retail journey in a metaverse, consider that the first step is to choose your suitable platform. Developing a metaverse ecommerce platform is a time and money-consuming process. Therefore it's highly recommended to use a third-party metaverse ecommerce platform like Selldone.

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