10x Times More & Better
Sell on Instagram

Close your eyes and imagine customers entering a store-like page from their Instagram page, posting a photo they like, adding products to their purchase record, and paying money directly to your account online. ! Congratulations, the solution is in front of you.

How does it work?

Turns your Instagram into a full-featured store!

You will have more features than the panel of the largest online stores, but make no mistake, working with simple hosts is fun.

پنل مدیریت محصولات و دسته بندی های فروشگاه

Product management is like this ..

The first step is to add the product. But aren't you bored? There is nothing wrong with Selldone Karo with a few clicks, importing products from Instagram, uploading an Excel file and a whole other simple method.

Completely kill and close management
Inventory update and fast price
Add products with excel file
Add products from this
Are you bored? We will add you!
Selldone Online Order Processing Center

Orders like this ..

10 times more orders per day is not enough for you? Selldone is designed for more than 10 thousand orders per day for each store.

See your travel status quickly and act fast
Customer can see the latest status of his order
Manage payment, order processing and shipping
Add as many collaborators as you want
Selldone Online Store Payment Gateway

Direct game complete!

Online payment in your store will be done with your domain and directly to your account! You can choose the types of online portals and on-site payment.

Online payment gateway (direct to your account)
Ability to enable on-site payment
Receive gateway without electronic trust symbol (payroll)
Manage payments and one-click orders
Automated SEO Engine for Online Stores

Auto SEO

Designing an SEO Friendly site that complies with SEO rules will make your online business more visible to potential customers than others. The Selldone team has considered all the necessary infrastructure to have an SEO-oriented store, and by building a store in Selldone, you do not need to worry about being seen on Google.

You leave good text and images with us
Worried about working with Selldone?

Ask Selldone's friends, their answer about simplicity and speed of work surprises you with Selldone!

Do you have any product

They are without diversity

Just download this file, enter the name, price and inventory of the product and copy and paste the image link from a place like Google
Do you have any product

Multiple variations

Variety means color, size, material and things like that. If you have many products, you can download this file and fill in your product information. This one is a little harder

You can import your products directly from Instagram to your store, but if you want, you can automatically add all their products and pictures to your store with a simple Excel file. You fill in the same file, copy the URL of the images from Google, and finally pull your CSV file and drop it into the product management section. Selldone will do it for you.

It's time to sell more professionally , make your customers happier
and feel proud that you are growing an online business

New ways to sell online on Instagram
Don't be content with this

Much more than an insta store ...

Branding and Branding
Online store on a dedicated domain to build your brand and have your own customer club.
Shop Cashier
Online store cash register for a shop with 0 $ set up cost and as many as you need.
Marketing and Sales Tools
The best marketing and sales tools that even the biggest police market brands do not have.
Free Business Partner
A good and low-expectation partner named Selldone, whose whole effort is to increase the sales of the company, not to take money and leave them.


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Order Processing Center

Order Processing

Designed for speed
Loyal Customers

Marketing and Incentives

Find Loyal Customers
Direct payment gateway

Direct Payment

No payment interface
Instagram Sales Channels

Sales Channels

Telegram, Google, Instagram, etc.


Happy Seller Do you want to know how much it costs?

From model free for life with 2% commission
to model 0.5% commission with a monthly fee

As long as you do not have sales, the owners of one rial will not charge you for site, host, servers, services, tools, support, updates and anything else! Money will be credited directly to your account! Selldone trusts all his partners to pay the fee at the end of the month or if they have a problem a few months later by charging their wallets.

Free is not the only advantage! How?