Create New Shop

You can create a store in the dashboard part and see your stores list in this part. There’s a general view from your stores in this part that includes your own stores as well as the stores that you joined. You can see yours or store an employee’s access statue under the name of each store.

For example, in one store, product management is shown, or in your

For example, in one store, product management is shown, or in your store, there’s nothing to show. Maybe other information introduce for each store like; The store status: active or inactive

  • The store license: the licenses are free, and you can use their free and indefinite facilities, but for the discount, you need to buy store plans.
  • Consume volume: the number of pictures and data that have uploaded on the server
  • Expiration date: according to license it can be unlimited or has a specific date
  • Products number: the cursor on each kind of product shows its number. One product can be physical, virtual, file, or service.
  • Physical products: the products which are physical and we can send them
  • Virtual products: the products that exchange digitally like; charge card
  • Files: downloadable files
  • Service: in the service category not in physical, transferable goods or virtual products

There is some information about the latest store status:

  • Like numbers
  • Comment numbers
  • People collaboration and their opinions about one product
  • Favorite product numbers
  • Store view numbers.

This data is updated every day unless there’s no new input in the system or your store hasn’t viewed for a long time, or no one has entered (this information show in this way: since five months ago up to now)

Financial information: if there’s a financial exchange, it will show base on currency, sales, and payment amounts.  We will explain how to make a new store later.

Affiliate Program

You can make money by introducing Samin to others. The amounts of your income and its calculation depend on your referral plan. The public referral plan is in the ‘make money’ menu. Click on it to see income plans. You can add this link to your website or

Account and user management


You can send some amounts of money as a gift for others. To send a gift to others, please open Gift Menu in the dashboard and click on Sending Gift. The receiver in the upper left side clicks on Received Gift selects the address and receives the gift. Afte

Selldone Wallet

Account charging

In order to charge your account, please open the "charge" menu and enter its amount. Click on 'account charging' to see the payment gateways that support your currency. Choose one of them and complete the payment process.

Internal charge transfer

In order to transfer funds in Samin, in account part, open the Transfer of funds menu. You need a target account number. After entering the account number, you can see the owner’s name. Enter the money amount. If you have a recipe number for this payment o

The history of transactions

To see the history of each account transaction, in the wallet part, open that account. There’s a transaction list on the first page. The important feature of these accounts is that you can also see Samin Service costs payment. After the order completion, S

Accounts type

To make such accounts, please open the wallet menu on the dashboard page. These accounts include currencies that are supported by Samin. If you want to use these currencies in your shop for exchange, at least you'll need one account for each currency. The