What is the Selldone Partner Panel?

Robert Donnie
Written by Robert Donnie
Posted on October 03, 2023

Introducing the partner panel

Partner Panel is the first part of our Partnership with Agencies project. This core value has been formed to bring 100X more return on the agency investments. To complete this two-part project, we will launch our Open-Source SDK project to enable freelancers/agencies/developers to make whatever UI/UX they want for the entire storefront.

The Partner Panel isn't just a dashboard; it's your command center. Designed with our partners in mind, it provides a seamless interface tailored to your needs, ensuring you have all the tools and insights at your fingertips.





Users refer to anyone who has registered on Selldone.


Clients are the businesses or individuals you serve. You can create clients through the API, manually, or via affiliate links. It's possible to create multiple clients for a single user.


A Shop is a business account, such as an online storefront or point-of-sale system, that can be created by users or partners.


Plans are licenses that you create and customize. Each plan corresponds to an official Selldone license (Startup, Company, Enterprise) and you can set any price for it.

Partner You

How to Onboard a New Client

  1. Creating a Client: The first step is to create a client.
    • Requirements: You will need your client's email (the one they've registered with on Selldone) and at least one Plan, which you can create in the Agency > Plans tab.
    • Methods of Creation: There are three ways to add a new client:
      • Manually
      • API
      • Affiliates
  2. Assigning a Shop: The user should then either create a new shop or assign an existing shop to the deal they have received. This can be done in the Shuttle > Deals section.
  3. Accessing Client Store in Partner Panel: Once the shop is set up or assigned, the client's store will be accessible in your partner panel.

Create custom plans

This list provides you with the capability to oversee a variety of plans and custom licenses. Within this space, you can effortlessly add, delete, enable, disable, or mark them as out of stock.


Manage shops

Manage clients

Add clients manually

Add clients by affiliate link and sell deal with pre-built selling page on selldone

Add clients via API


You can link both a virtual wallet and your Stripe account to your agency. Any costs associated with plans (your usage) will be debited from the connected account. Additionally, for affiliate deal payments, you'll receive funds directly to your Stripe account immediately after each successful sale.

Connected Wallet

For smooth financial operations within your agency, it's essential to:

  • Link a virtual wallet that corresponds with the currency of your agency.
  • Ensure that this wallet has an associated active card.

Here's how it works:

Fees associated with your usage are automatically deducted from the connected virtual wallet. If the wallet balance is insufficient, any remaining dues will be withdrawn from the connected card.

By setting up and maintaining an adequately funded wallet, you ensure timely payments and uninterrupted services.

Connected Stripe Account

To facilitate the sale of your custom deals directly on Selldone, you can integrate your Stripe account in this section.

  1. Connect your existing Stripe account. If you don't have one, you can easily create a new Stripe account.
  2. Once connected, the Affiliate tab will become available in your agency panel.
  3. Use the Affiliate tab to create and set pricing for affiliate deals pages.

With a connected Stripe account, managing and processing payments for your deals on Selldone becomes seamless and efficient.

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Robert Donnie
Written by Robert Donnie
Published at: October 03, 2023 October 03, 2023

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More insight about What is the Selldone Partner Panel?