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What are Clubhouse's most famous clubs?

The Clubhouse may be utilized for SMEs, people, and brands as a marketing tool, and it offers clubs on nearly every topic you can think of. Ten rooms are here to speak about business and other subjects that may be of interest to entrepreneurs and business owners. We choose the finest clubs and rooms on marketing, sales, growth, and entrepreneurship to save you time and help you get the most out of Clubhouse. Take advantage of those of interest to you, make new contacts, and expand your knowledge on the audio-based social platform.



The best room of Clubhouse for business, entrepreneurship, and marketing

Click on each room in our list of best Clubhouse rooms for business and join it in your Clubhouse application directly.

1. Marketing Club (@marketingclub)

A community dedicated to marketing topics. With over 250,000 followers, It's the most significant marketing community in Clubhouse. It is in the top 7 clubs on Clubhouse!
Topics: Marketing, Growth 
Number of members: 280.2K



2. Startup Club  (@startupclub)

Startup Club is the biggest club on Clubhouse and is used to showcase great startup personalities, debates, and events about startups, startups, founders, entrepreneurs, ...
Topics: Startups, Entrepreneurship 
Members: 655.3K


3. Marketing Club (@techtalks)

With or without specialized experience, Tech Talks is a network of different people from various backgrounds, sectors, and departmental backgrounds.

Topics: Tech, Tech business
Members: 477.4K


4. Founders + Funders Forum (@foundersfundersforum)

They offer helpful knowledge, practical information, and actionable information to help you decide better. They do neither pump nor sell, but there is no question about it. They are token-agnostic.
Topics: Startups, Tech, Entrepreneurship
Members: 16.4K


5. YouTube Marketing Secrets

A club for discussing YouTube marketing and audience acquisition strategies.
Topics: Marketing, Social media 
Members: 250K


6. eCommerce Gurus (@ecommercegurus)

With over 12k fantastic community members, we are the 3rd biggest eCommerce club on the app!
Topics: eCommerce, Marketing
Members: 16.7K


7. Growth Hacking Your Social Media (@growthhackingsocials)

We discuss the top experiments on growth and marketing that we've done before, ongoing initiatives, fresh ideas, and growth hacks, and a master-in-the-top project!
Topics: Marketing, Social media 
Members: 48.3K


8. TikTok Marketing Secrets (@tiktokmarketing)

We provide the Top TikTok ideas and methods to support you in TikTok. Make sure you make TikTok popular!
Topics: Marketing, Social media 
Members: 107.4K 


9. Women Founders Club  (@womenfounders)

The first club centered around the unique experiences of womxn founders. Topics: Entrepreneurship, Small business
Members: 107.5K


10. Business Club (@businessclub)

Business is for everybody - regardless of the occupation. Join our group where we speak business about anything.
Topics: Entrepreneurship, business, MBAs 
Members: 60.5K

Top Clubhouse rooms for ecommerce business owners: tips, advice, and networking opportunities

"Ecommerce Sellers Unite!" - This room is for ecommerce sellers to share their experiences, ask for advice, and network with each other. It is moderated by experienced ecommerce sellers.

"Ecommerce Tools and Resources" - This room is for ecommerce business owners to share their favorite tools and resources for managing and growing their businesses. It is moderated by ecommerce experts who can provide recommendations and advice.

"Ecommerce Marketing Masterclass" - In this room, ecommerce marketing experts teach and discuss the latest marketing strategies and tactics for ecommerce businesses.

"Ecommerce Product Launches" - This room is for ecommerce business owners to discuss the process of launching new products, including market research, product development, and marketing strategies. It is moderated by ecommerce experts with experience in product launches.

Selldone Business OS Clubhouse Room
Selldone Business OS Clubhouse Room

A comprehensive guide to creating, managing, and growing a brand on Clubhouse

Welcome to the world of Clubhouse! If you're looking to create, manage, and grow a brand on this popular audio-based social media platform, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps you need to take to create a successful brand on Clubhouse and see it thrive.

  1. Determine your brand's focus and audience. Before you get started, it's important to have a clear idea of what your brand is about and who your target audience is. This will help guide your content and conversations on Clubhouse, and ensure that you're attracting the right people to your brand.

  2. Create a consistent brand identity. Once you know what your brand is all about, it's time to start building your brand identity. This includes things like your logo, color scheme, and tone of voice. Be sure to use these elements consistently across all of your Clubhouse content to create a cohesive brand image.

  3. Engage with your audience and other users on Clubhouse. Clubhouse is all about conversation and engagement, so make sure you're actively participating in discussions and getting to know your audience. This can include hosting your own rooms or joining rooms related to your brand's focus.

  4. Collaborate with other users and brands on Clubhouse. Collaborating with other users and brands on Clubhouse can be a great way to expand your reach and build your brand. Consider partnering with other users to host rooms or co-host events, or teaming up with other brands for cross-promotion.

  5. Utilize Clubhouse's tools and features to grow your brand. Clubhouse offers a number of tools and features that can help you grow your brand, including the ability to invite users to join your brand's club, schedule rooms in advance, and promote your events on the platform. Be sure to take advantage of these resources to help your brand stand out on Clubhouse.

By following these steps, you can create, manage, and grow a successful brand on Clubhouse. Just remember to stay consistent, engage with your audience, and take advantage of the platform's tools and features, and you'll be well on your way to building a thriving brand on Clubhouse.

Who is currently active on clubhouse: a look at demographics, location, and age statistics

Clubhouse, the popular audio-based social media platform, has seen a bit of a shift in its user base since its initial hype and subsequent drop in popularity. So who is currently active on the platform? According to recent data, the majority of Clubhouse's active users are located in the United States, with a significant portion also located in Europe and Asia. In terms of age, the majority of users are in the 25-34 age range, with a fairly even distribution among other age groups. Also, many gig-workers are active in Clubhouse today.

As for demographics, Clubhouse users tend to be well-educated and have a higher income compared to the average internet user. They are also more likely to be employed in creative or tech-related industries. It seems that Clubhouse's active user base is still fairly diverse, with a wide range of locations, ages, and demographics represented. While the platform may not have the same level of popularity as it did at the height of its hype, it is still home to a dedicated and engaged user base.

Why invest in Clubhouse for my business?

The Clubhouse is unique among social networking sites since there is an intentional lack of functionality such as images, videos, and link sharing. It also works as a background program because it needs no full attention. Many people, like talk radio, leave it behind when working.

How did Clubhouse help to grow my eCommerce?

With its unique spin on the usual way of formatting, Clubhouse may be a welcome addition to social media ecosystems: solely audio. In addition, because of its exclusive character, you may rub virtual elbows not only with your target group but also with celebrities and potentials.

  1. Engage with your audience and community.
  2. Use Clubhouse for launches and events.
  3. Use Clubhouse to keep up with your competitor and local marketing.


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Is Clubhouse a free marketing channel?

Yes, It's free, and many business owners use this social platform to acquire new audiences and customers for their business.

How increase my clubhouse followers?

Participate actively in other rooms and share yourself honestly! It's the most potent trick to gain more valuable followers.

How sell my product on Clubhouse?

The clubhouse is an audio-based social network, and people on it do not want to hear advertisement speeches! But you can request others to help you or your business in a professional storytelling way.

What is the best club in Clubhouse?

It depends on your topic; some most popular clubs are the: Marketing Club, Startup Club, and Tech Talks.

Is Clubhouse only for personal use, or can it be used for businesses and brands?

Clubhouse can definitely be used for businesses and brands. Many companies have already established a presence on the platform and use it to connect with their audience, host events, and promote their products or services.

Can businesses and brands advertise on Clubhouse?

At this time, Clubhouse does not offer paid advertising options. However, businesses and brands can still promote their products or services through organic means, such as hosting rooms or participating in conversations related to their industry.

How can businesses and brands effectively use Clubhouse to reach their target audience?

There are several ways businesses and brands can use Clubhouse to reach their target audience. Some options include hosting rooms dedicated to topics related to their industry, joining relevant rooms and engaging with other users, and collaborating with other users and brands on the platform. It's also a good idea to utilize Clubhouse's tools and features, such as the ability to invite users to join your brand's club or schedule rooms in advance.

How can businesses and brands measure the success of their Clubhouse efforts?

There are a few key metrics that businesses and brands can use to measure the success of their Clubhouse efforts. These include the number of followers your brand has on the platform, the number of attendees at your rooms or events, and the level of engagement your content receives (such as the number of comments or likes). It's also a good idea to track any direct conversions or sales that result from your Clubhouse activities.

How can I use Clubhouse for my business or brand?

Clubhouse can be a great platform for businesses and brands to connect with potential customers and clients, as well as build their brand presence. Some ways you can use Clubhouse for your business or brand include:

  • Hosting rooms or events related to your industry or niche
  • Participating in relevant conversations and discussions
  • Collaborating with other users and brands on the platform
  • Utilizing the platform's tools and features, such as inviting users to join your brand's club or promoting your events

Can I use Clubhouse to sell products or services?

While Clubhouse is primarily focused on conversation and engagement, you can still use the platform to promote your products or services. Just be sure to do so in a way that is respectful and relevant to the conversation. Avoid spamming or excessively promoting your products, as this can turn off other users and damage your brand reputation.

How do I measure the success of my Clubhouse efforts for my business or brand?

There are a few ways you can measure the success of your Clubhouse efforts for your business or brand. Some metrics you might want to track include:

  • Number of followers or members of your brand's club
  • Engagement on your rooms or events (e.g. number of attendees, duration of conversation)
  • Referral traffic to your website or other online presence
  • Sales or leads generated from your Clubhouse efforts

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Published at: August 16, 2021 January 07, 2023

More insight about Top 10 Clubhouse Rooms for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners | Marketing, Sales and Growth

More insight about Top 10 Clubhouse Rooms for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners | Marketing, Sales and Growth