Top 10 Clubhouse Rooms for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners | Marketing, Sales and Growth

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Posted on January 12, 2022


What are Clubhouse's most famous clubs?

The Clubhouse may be utilized for SMEs, people, and brands as a marketing tool, and it offers clubs on nearly every topic you can think of. Ten rooms are here to speak about business and other subjects that may be of interest to entrepreneurs and business owners. We choose the finest clubs and rooms on marketing, sales, growth, and entrepreneurship to save you time and help you get the most out of Clubhouse. Take advantage of those of interest to you, make new contacts, and expand your knowledge on the audio-based social platform.



The best room of Clubhouse for business, entrepreneurship, and marketing

Click on each room in our list of best Clubhouse rooms for business and join it in your Clubhouse application directly.

1. Marketing Club (@marketingclub)

A community dedicated to marketing topics. With over 250,000 followers, It's the most significant marketing community in Clubhouse. It is in the top 7 clubs on Clubhouse!
Topics: Marketing, Growth 
Number of members: 280.2K



2. Startup Club  (@startupclub)

Startup Club is the biggest club on Clubhouse and is used to showcase great startup personalities, debates, and events about startups, startups, founders, entrepreneurs, ...
Topics: Startups, Entrepreneurship 
Members: 655.3K


3. Marketing Club (@techtalks)

With or without specialized experience, Tech Talks is a network of different people from various backgrounds, sectors, and departmental backgrounds.

Topics: Tech, Tech business
Members: 477.4K


4. Founders + Funders Forum (@foundersfundersforum)

They offer helpful knowledge, practical information, and actionable information to help you decide better. They do neither pump nor sell, but there is no question about it. They are token-agnostic.
Topics: Startups, Tech, Entrepreneurship
Members: 16.4K


5. YouTube Marketing Secrets

A club for discussing YouTube marketing and audience acquisition strategies.
Topics: Marketing, Social media 
Members: 250K


6. eCommerce Gurus (@ecommercegurus)

With over 12k fantastic community members, we are the 3rd biggest eCommerce club on the app!
Topics: eCommerce, Marketing
Members: 16.7K


7. Growth Hacking Your Social Media (@growthhackingsocials)

We discuss the top experiments on growth and marketing that we've done before, ongoing initiatives, fresh ideas, and growth hacks, and a master-in-the-top project!
Topics: Marketing, Social media 
Members: 48.3K


8. TikTok Marketing Secrets (@tiktokmarketing)

We provide the Top TikTok ideas and methods to support you in TikTok. Make sure you make TikTok popular!
Topics: Marketing, Social media 
Members: 107.4K 


9. Women Founders Club  (@womenfounders)

The first club centered around the unique experiences of womxn founders. Topics: Entrepreneurship, Small business
Members: 107.5K


10. Business Club (@businessclub)

Business is for everybody - regardless of the occupation. Join our group where we speak business about anything.
Topics: Entrepreneurship, business, MBAs 
Members: 60.5K

Why invest in Clubhouse for my business?

The Clubhouse is unique among social networking sites since there is an intentional lack of functionality such as images, videos, and link sharing. It also works as a background program because it needs no full attention. Many people, like talk radio, leave it behind when working.

How did Clubhouse help to grow my eCommerce?

With its unique spin on the usual way of formatting, Clubhouse may be a welcome addition to social media ecosystems: solely audio. In addition, because of its exclusive character, you may rub virtual elbows not only with your target group but also with celebrities and potentials.

  1. Engage with your audience and community.
  2. Use Clubhouse for launches and events.
  3. Use Clubhouse to keep up with your competitor and local marketing.


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Is Clubhouse a free marketing channel?

Yes, It's free, and many business owners use this social platform to acquire new audiences and customers for their business.

How increase my clubhouse followers?

Participate actively in other rooms and share yourself honestly! It's the most potent trick to gain more valuable followers.

How sell my product on Clubhouse?

The clubhouse is an audio-based social network, and people on it do not want to hear advertisement speeches! But you can request others to help you or your business in a professional storytelling way.

What is the best club in Clubhouse?

It depends on your topic; some most popular clubs are the: Marketing Club, Startup Club, and Tech Talks.

Written by Authors
Published at: August 16, 2021 January 12, 2022

More insight about Top 10 Clubhouse Rooms for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners | Marketing, Sales and Growth

More insight about Top 10 Clubhouse Rooms for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners | Marketing, Sales and Growth