Selldone 3.0 - The Next Generation of Founders is Not Just Technical!

Written by Pajuhaan
Posted on November 23, 2023

If there's one thing I'm certain of, it's that innovation is an infinite game. It's about making decisions where the ultimate goal isn't merely to solve a problem, but to create a new reality. Today, I want to talk about an exciting integration that's doing exactly that.  This blog is about Selldone 3.0 and its new partner panel, a game-changer for agencies and the next generation of founders looking to maximize their potential and profits.

Customized storefronts and SaaS creation

One of the standout features of Selldone's partner panel is the ability to craft customized storefronts or even build a SaaS on top of Selldone's business OS. With open-source libraries, SDKs, and components at your disposal, the sky's the limit. And with the upcoming Selldone CLI, building and publishing custom storefronts, or what we fondly call 'LAYER', will be a breeze.

Use Case: Imagine you're an agency specializing in eco-friendly products for aโ€ฆ

Use Case: Imagine you're an agency specializing in eco-friendly products for a niche market. With Selldone's tools, you can design a unique storefront that caters specifically to eco-conscious consumers, highlighting sustainable products, green certifications, and more. Once your custom storefront is ready, you can publish it on your partner panel. Other merchants, seeing the value and specificity of your design, can then subscribe to access your custom storefront. And just like that, you've added another revenue stream, charging, for instance, $299/m for access.






Storefront - Build your storefront with pre-made components [full project + modules / ready to build]

Selldone Core

SDK contains APIs and necessary files to interact with Selldone servers.

Storefront SDK

SDK for building and managing the storefront interface.

Selldone Components

Contains all pre-built and professional commerce components to build storefront and backoffice.

Vendor SDK

SDK tailored for vendors to integrate and manage their offerings.

Community SDK

Community-driven SDK with additional tools and integrations.

Selldone Pagebuilder

Tool for building and customizing pages within the Selldone platform.

Backoffice SDK

To build custom dashboard and shop management services on top of the Selldone Business OS with ready to use SDK.

Selldone for verticals - Open Source

The digital commerce landscape has witnessed exponential growth, with businesses increasingly leveraging online platforms. However, the challenge lies in standing out amidst the sea of similar templates. A staggering 80% of ecommerce businesses, excluding the giants, rely on a mere 30 popular templates, leading to a lack of uniqueness. Moreover, the dilemma between template variety and functionality often results in compromised features. Selldone's approach is distinctively different. Instead of producing numerous average templates, we've concentrated on a dynamic, customizable template. Dive deeper, and you'll discover that Selldone's entire platform, from the dashboard to the community, is constructed as a SPA [Single Page Application] / PWA [Progressive Web App]. While some might argue the practicality of this method, Selldone's vision is clear: to lay the groundwork for any ecommerce verticals using its technology as the backbone, ensuring unparalleled flexibility and customization.


Harnessing the Power of Selldone SDK

Harnessing the Power of Selldone SDK

The Selldone SDK is a robust toolkit designed for custom ecommerce development. It offers all the necessary components for online storefront creation and customer authentication. What's remarkable is its user-friendliness; even those with minimal JavaScript and HTML experience can craft a personalized online store in a day. This SDK provides boundless customization, allowing developers to build on top of Selldone's open-source components. This adaptability means developers can conceive specialized ecommerce solutions for various sectors and even market their custom applications as SaaS products. Imagine creating a SaaS platform where market analysts can sell their insights on their domain. With Selldone SDK, this becomes a reality. Furthermore, with AI integration, developers can select a niche, design their application layer, and request code implementation using Selldone Components. The potential is limitless. In conclusion, the Selldone SDK is reshaping ecommerce and SaaS development, providing a potent toolkit for crafting unique online storefronts and SaaS solutions.

Introducing the partner panel

The Partner Panel isn't just a dashboard; it's your command center. Designed with our partners in mind, it provides a seamless interface tailored to your needs, ensuring you have all the tools and insights at your fingertips.





Users refer to anyone who has registered on Selldone.


Clients are the businesses or individuals you serve. You can create clients through the API, manually, or via affiliate links. It's possible to create multiple clients for a single user.


A Shop is a business account, such as an online storefront or point-of-sale system, that can be created by users or partners.


Plans are licenses that you create and customize. Each plan corresponds to an official Selldone license (Startup, Company, Enterprise) and you can set any price for it.

Partner You

Why is it a game-changer for agencies?

1. Custom Deals with Custom Pricing: Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all. With Selldone's partner panel, agencies can craft custom deals tailored to their unique needs and pricing structures. This flexibility ensures that agencies can offer the best value to their clients while maximizing their revenue.

2. Versatile Shop Creation and Client Management: Whether you're a hands-on agency or prefer automation, Selldone has got you covered. Create shops, onboard clients, and manage them either manually, through APIs, or via the built-in affiliate programs. The power is in your hands.

3. Expert Panel Access: Expand your team without the overheads. With the expert panel, agencies can onboard experts as contractors or staff seamlessly. Digital contracts can be closed with these experts, and permissions are automatically assigned, ensuring a smooth workflow.

How to Onboard a New Client

  1. Creating a Client: The first step is to create a client.
    • Requirements: You will need your client's email (the one they've registered with on Selldone) and at least one Plan, which you can create in the Agency > Plans tab.
    • Methods of Creation: There are three ways to add a new client:
      • Manually
      • API
      • Affiliates
  2. Assigning a Shop: The user should then either create a new shop or assign an existing shop to the deal they have received. This can be done in the Shuttle > Deals section.
  3. Accessing Client Store in Partner Panel: Once the shop is set up or assigned, the client's store will be accessible in your partner panel.

Create custom plans

This list provides you with the capability to oversee a variety of plans and custom licenses. Within this space, you can effortlessly add, delete, enable, disable, or mark them as out of stock.

 Read more about What is the Selldone Partner Panel?

 Read more about What is the Selldone Partner Panel?

Generative AI Integration - The New Era of Founders Beyond Just Tech

Bridging Worlds: Unveiling Selldone 3.0

We're about to step into a new world with Selldone 3.0 by integrating access to Large Language Models (LLMs) and various Generative AI cores, reshaping what it means to be a founder in the modern ecosystem.

The Genesis - Understanding the Shift

We began with computers taking over simple computational tasks. Then we observed them start to understand and interpret basic human language with Natural Language Processing. Today, AI is not just a calculator or a method of searching databases; it's a creative entity - a generative force. Generative AI, with cores like OpenAI's GPT series, is capable of producing content that was once solely the domain of human creativity, from writing to art to code generation.

Now, the question that hovered in our minds was, "How do we make this accessible to the creative minds out there, not just the technical ones?" That's the world we envisioned with Selldone 3.0, a platform where the next generation of founders doesnโ€™t need to be deeply technical to create something profound.

Selldone 3.0 - Democratizing Creativity

Selldone, in its essence, has always been about empowering entrepreneurs. With Selldone 3.0, we're taking a colossal leap. By providing streamlined access to LLMs and Generative AI cores, we're handing over the keys to unmatched creative power, right in the dashboard of your business operating system. Imagine brainstorming with AI, receiving suggestions on product descriptions, marketing strategies, code debugging, or even about drafting your next compelling blog post.

This isn't about replacing human creativity; it's about amplifying it. It's about elevating founders, writers, artists, and virtually anyone with a vision, to a realm where they can not just dream but also execute at an unprecedented pace.

The Next Generation of Founders

Let's face it: the stereotype of a founder as a tech-savvy wizard is outdated. The next generation of founders is diverse, multidisciplinary, and theyโ€™re not just sitting in one corner of the world. They're in art studios, local coffee shops, co-working spaces in small towns, and yes, some are in the quintessential garages.

These individuals shouldnโ€™t need a degree in computer science to harness AI. They need a platform, a tool, an ally in innovation - and that's Selldone 3.0. Our integration doesn't ask for coding expertise; it asks for ideas. It inquires, "What would you create if you could converse with an intelligence that houses an ocean of data?"

Ai-generated landing page
Ai-generated landing page
AI-generated products category
AI-generated products category

Intuitive, Integrated, and Ready for You

Integration is not about packing everything into one place; it's about ensuring that different functionalities mesh seamlessly like they were always meant to be together. It's symbiotic. Selldone 3.0โ€™s environment treats AI integration not as an add-on but as a native part of the ecosystem.

The access is intuitive - it feels like discussing your project withโ€ฆ
The access is intuitive - it feels like discussing your project withโ€ฆ
The access is intuitive - it feels like discussing your project withโ€ฆ
The access is intuitive - it feels like discussing your project withโ€ฆ

The access is intuitive - it feels like discussing your project with a team member who just happens to know a bit about almost everything. It's a give-and-take, where the AI learns from your preferences and goals, fine-tuning its assistance to be as effective as possible, empowering non-technical founders to navigate through tasks that would have previously required a specialist.

A Universe of Possibilities

We stand at a crossroads between realms of reality and the vast skies of possibilities. Selldone 3.0 is more than a tool; it's a statement that the future we're stepping into isn't just for those who speak the language of machines. It's for the dreamers, the doers, the artists, the strategists, and yes, the technical wizards too.

In integrating advanced AI, we're not just opening a door; we're eliminating the walls that confined creativity. We're saying, the next groundbreaking startup, the next movement, the next big leap wonโ€™t necessarily come from the tech industry alone. It will come from people who had the power of tech with them, not beneath or above them.

The next generation of founders is all of us, and the game isnโ€™t just technical anymore.

Welcome to Selldone 3.0 - where your vision meets the world's most advanced AI, ready to embark on a journey of creation.

Let's build the future, together.


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Written by Pajuhaan
Published at: October 29, 2023 November 23, 2023

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More insight about Selldone 3.0 - The Next Generation of Founders is Not Just Technical!